Sadhguru Returns To His Enlightenment Spot #Shorts

Sadhguru travels back to Chamundi Hillside in Mysore, and also contemplates the same rock where he had an overwhelming experience almost forty years earlier, which left him completely changed.
#Sadhguru #ChamundiHills #Mountains #Bliss #Meditation

Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An apprehending mix of profundity as well as materialism, his life as well as job functions as a reminder that yoga is a modern science, extremely relevant to our times.

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  1. Chinmayee Patel .A Patel

    Chamundi hills ,mysore, Karnataka 🙏

  2. Wow, speechless 🙏

  3. Sadhguru ji, huge fan, love and respect to you 🙂


  5. This spot is beautiful! Perhaps I’ll create a video sharing my own similar spot like this one here in Finland ❤️ – Migue

  6. Respect and pranam sadhguru loutos feets🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Please stay on earth and guild us 🥰🥰🥲

  7. Oh Sadhguru… words shall never suffice in singing praise and devotion of your profundity and immensity. With your grace, I’ve had but a glance of the peaks of being that you are, and with your grace, may it be so that I reach this within myself.

  8. With your grace upon me, may it be that I one day visit this incredible place and be graced in its presence.

  9. Happy Enlightenment day Sri Sadhguru ji😊❤️✌️🌼🌲🙏

  10. Absolutely fantastic!!!

  11. “I lived only in Mysore, after that I’ve just been working.”
    I don’t know what it was about those words, but they hit me very hard, reminded me of how Krishna would recount his childhood days!

  12. Relax-Smile-Laugh- Appreciate-Learn

    Much much love and gratitude, Sadhguru. For as long as you wishe, may you continue to spread your grace, wisdom and playfulness, knowing that it does make a difference. The background of the video, looks like a beautiful place. I wish I could understand the words in the singing.

  13. “After this event, 82” . . . If you understood what he meant 🙏🥺❤️

  14. Happy Enlightenment Anniversary, my beloved Sadhguru! <3

  15. We all can achieve this state of being, the thing is most don’t like working on the inner self

  16. Blessed are we that we are alive when you’re walking the planet 🙏🏼❤️

  17. when did he got the enlightenment? to return at the place at first?

  18. I can feel it every time I approach the place that saw me realize. I wonder if the place was consecrated in the ancient past, and that caused my realization, or if my realization did something to the place.

  19. The spot is giving such peaceful n blissful vibes reminding us to be grateful in every breath of our life

  20. Your enlightenment made a loving and peaceful human being. I bow down in gratitude to your devotion for the humanity. Upliftment with self-realisation and inner peace, happiness and joy all across.
    “Sustainability guaranteed with Yoga”

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