The #1 Killer – and they’re treating it ALL wrong | Ep173

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Right here's an astonishing statistic: According to the CDC around 655,000 Americans die of heart problem YEARLY– as well as it's been that way for the last 80 years.
Yet my visitor claims the scariest component is this:
The majority of the typical "solutions" around, like preserving reduced cholesterol levels and also taking preventative medication might NOT be helping … Actually, he believes these recommendations are typically doing more damage than great. And if you have actually read my work, you know – my guest as well as I get on the very same web page.
I'm signed up with by Jonny Bowden, aka the "nourishment misconception buster," and he's a board-certified nutritionist and also professional on diet as well as weight-loss. He recently re-launched his successful publication, The Great Cholesterol Myth, Changed as well as Increased: Why Decreasing Your Cholesterol Won't Prevent Heart Disease– As Well As The Statin-Free Strategy That Will. On this episode, Jonny and I disclose the TRUTH regarding cholesterol, subject the REAL villain when it concerns cardiovascular disease, and also share what you can do TODAY to enhance your health as well as support a healthy and balanced heart.

On this episode you'll learn:
Why conventional cholesterol examinations can have almost ZERO sign on your wellness– and also the far more exact examination you must ask your physician regarding (this can conserve a life!) (2:00).
The cholesterol EXIST most individuals have believed for many years– and what you NEED to know about cholesterol and also your health and wellness (4:30).
The unusual truth regarding statin drugs– and also the heart health plan I attempt initially with many individuals (ask your medical professional if it may benefit you) (9:00).
The # 1 chauffeur of cardiovascular disease (as well as mostly all other major health problem)– and how preventing it might assist you live a much longer, much healthier life (17:00).
Why the term "pre-diabetes" is complete nonsense– and also what this diagnosis really discloses about your wellness (22:00).
What insulin resistance really means, exactly how it happens in the body, and the first step to supporting HEALTHY insulin levels( 28:00).
Why discovering wellness surpasses a much better diet regimen as well as even more exercise– and how THIS might matter equally as much (30:00).
Why I LIKE this lesser-known cooking oil, exactly how I use it, as well as the best area to locate it( 43:00).

Pointed out on this episode:.
The Great Cholesterol Misconception, Revised and also Expanded By Jonny Bowden (order right here!).



Jonny Bowden's Internet site.

The Energy Paradox: What to Do When Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has Got up and Gone– (order here!).

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  1. Another Great presentation👍👍

  2. I love all these horror stories. Dr. Gundry’s diet works 100%.

  3. Outdated tools,strategies and plans are today’s world problem in almost every field, not only in medical practices😎

  4. Faimohkih Faimohkih

    How about the HDL/triglyceride ratio being one of the best indicators of metabolic health and cardiovascular disease risk?

  5. Thank you for this excellent conversation.

  6. Dear Dr. Gundry, this podcast hit the bulls eye with me!! Will following the Plant Paradox diet help actually reverse and clear plaque from arteries and help avoid potential future bypass surgery? Thank you for everything you do! Yannis

  7. “Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease ”

    That must be why atherosclerosis doesn’t progress in people with LDL below 70mg/dl(often vegans), because LDL isn’t a factor in heart disease 🤦‍♂️ Do you have any examples of reversing heart disease on any people with high cholesterol levels on ANY alternative therapies you propose?

  8. Dr G, Love your glasses!! How many different pairs do you have?

  9. THANK YOU Dr Gundry!!!!

  10. Love the guests enthusiasm

  11. Is metaplasia reversable? Please answer Dr Gundry 🙏

  12. What were the chickens mentioned?? Mark’s something??? Anyone ?? ThankU!!

  13. I believe everything that is being discussed, but it is so hard to find a doctor that also believes. I am following the PP diet, and now on a statin, as my cholesterol wouldn’t come down. How do I go about finding a medical professional (in Australia) with a modern viewpoint?

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