The “super-antioxidant” could REVOLUTIONIZE your health | Ep172

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It's been described as the mommy of all antioxidants, the master detoxifier, as well as the genius of the body immune system. I'm speaking about glutathione– among one of the most crucial molecules for assisting support the body as it eradicates health problem as well as premature aging. In fact, It's been revealed that many individuals who deal with major wellness problems lack glutathione in the body. And also regrettably, because of poor diet as well as the abundance of toxins in our setting, most of us are also running reduced. But my visitor is right here to help.

He's Dr. Steve Morris, a medical professional and also chief formula scientist who concentrates on establishing nutraceuticals and aesthetic formulations. Dr. Morris wants discovering different means to promote wellness– as well as when it concerns supporting your glutathione degrees, he says he's cracked the code. On this episode, Dr. Morris and also I explain the relevance of glutathione in the body and also share some of one of the most extraordinary ways to feel– and also LOOK– like a more youthful, healthier you.

On this episode you'll find out:
Why I describe glutathione as the "master antioxidant"– and also just how it puts other antioxidants (like vitamin C and quercetin) to embarassment (2:30).
One of one of the most necessary elements for protecting your wellness– as well as just how it adds to anti-aging and the body immune system (6:00).
How the body utilizes both silver and also gold (and other unexpected metals) to keep you to life and also healthy (7:00).
The difference between sulfite, sulfate and sulfur (as well as why they matter to YOUR health and wellness) (8:40).
Why our body's natural detoxification systems are becoming much less as well as less efficient– and the trick to helping your own THRIVE (13:00).
Some of the EASIEST means to support your glutathione levels (and also experience more power, far better wellness, and also a longer life) (17:00).
Exactly how this "smelly gas" may be the key to intestine health and wellness (therefore a lot more!) (21:00).
Why most Glutathione supplements are a COMPLETE waste of cash– and how to find a top quality supplement (25:00).
The health-revolutionizing compound Dr. Morris states EVERYONE must be making use of– and where YOU can discover it (28:00).
The ONLY time sprouts are risk-free to consume– and why you ought to stay clear of Ezekiel bread whatsoever prices (39:00).

Stated on this episode:.
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  1. Amazing information keep up, should I take glutathione as supplement or I take it through natural food… Thanks 👍🏻

  2. Great video about antioxidants. Thank you for this informative and educational presentation.

  3. Daily Dose of Medicine

    Thanks, Dr.Gundry

  4. Thank you. How informative. Been taking 900 mg NAC daily on an empty stomach in the morning. Doing this to get rid of silent inflammation and brain fog. I feel quite good with it. The brain fog is gone. But that is also due to removing some teeth and healing an abscess.
    I still have a pack of NAC. After I finish it, I might try NACET.

  5. Can you please suggest a diet for rosacea / acne? What foods to avoid and to consume? And does having constipation (alternate days) affect my condition? Would appreciate if you reply.

  6. So am i correct in thinking that all those things that contain Sulphur do not contain lectins ????? I feel like i have been oiled since i cut out those lectins and gluton….so greatfull to have found Dr G

    • The Dr. Gundry Podcast

      Great question! We’ll add this to our next FAQ series. Be sure to tune back in!

    • @The Dr. Gundry Podcast Thanks …i will for sure. I have been sharing your information with dozens of folk…i have actually grown into a limping person spotter…everytime i see someone who looks in pain i charge over and spread the word hahahaha i think its called universal connectivity or me just trying to save humanity like your good self 🙂

  7. What about broccoli sprouts, Dr.Gundry?

  8. Saffron the Showy Dachshund

    This is such wonderful info! Thank you Dr. Gundry for always bringing good knowledge to your audience and patients!

  9. Great video! Dietary supplements can be strenuous on the kidneys but garlic is most effective for glutathione and spinach for Alpha Lipoic Acid and Egg for Selenium. #foodasmedicine

  10. Aisha Sir Elkhatem

    Great video, thanks. Is there any relationship between melasma and foods? How can we repair melanin cells that have been damaged by using healthy foods?

    • The Dr. Gundry Podcast

      Dr. Gundry is unable to answer every incoming question. We will submit your question to our growing list of FAQs. Be sure to check out our FAQ series on social media to see if it got answered! Thank you!

  11. Fruits like Avocado and kiwi fruit also have high sulphur content. I wonder if a supplement of Glucosamine Sulfate having basically the same elements C6 H15 NO9 S as Glutathione C10 H17 N3 O6 S would give similar results. Glucosamine is also a recognized anti oxidant/scavenger of free radicals. I think the key message I got from this is, moderation – if you are overdosing on something i.e. When your body already has sufficient quantities of it will start regulation to reduce quantities and all this regulation is energy consuming when the body needs to be doing other things like repair. If your body has a lack of something then it will be of benefit but many people seem to have the thought that more is better and how do we hack the body/brain to achieve better results which I think comes at a price. I think taking moderate doses can be a better philosophy especially with vitamins/supplements – But the manufacturers are not about let up on selling more product. One other thing to mention I remember reading in some studies the plants /crops that are GMO modified have a lower glutathione quantities. ( not sure why maybe due to stress factors of the plant /roundup) but ultimately would mean through our diet we would receive less.

  12. Something I’ve eaten since I was a child are onions. I eat them every day. I love onion and garlic, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. These are staples in my household. So glad my cravings for these veggies are helping me stay healthy.

  13. I eat raw crushed garlic every day! It also helps with getting rid of parasites.

  14. Thank you for stating the foods to eat. I eat a lot of what you said so hopefully I am getting enough.

  15. When are we going to get a Dr Gundry multivitamin !?

  16. Thank you so much for this Dr. Gundry!!!🙏🏽❤️👍🏽

  17. LordPopes #TheGangOfGods

    I also took large amounts of vitamin d3 and the only symptoms I got was bloating and heart racing but again that’s because I took a lot.

  18. LordPopes #TheGangOfGods

    And as far as vitamin e goes it is extremely powerful but when supplementing it you gotta take the real variation of it which is the full spectrum vitamin e alpha beta gamma delta from tree oil.

  19. Thank you for the interview , though Dr. Morris wasn’t as much prepared to this interview as Dr. Gundry

  20. I tried to order the GDH+ but there’s no where to create an account and can’t place the order without an account…

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