The Iceman – Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof, The Iceman clarifying about his methods and advising 2 praticipants. Prof. Maria Hopman MD, PHD, FACSM discussing her examination on TEDx Conference in Amsterdam.

One of the very first intro video clip of the Wim Hof Method.
Video by Enahm Hof
Enahm Hof

insta: Enahm_hof
Twitter: Enahm_hof
Spotify: Enahm Hof (New single Lentejas).

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  1. i see this arrow to the knee thing alot, where did that come from? i have been out of the you tube loop for a few months recently, thanks.

  2. @Dorgen87 I used to ask the same question too, then I took an arrow to the knee.

  3. i wanna go and have a swim now 😀

  4. Wim hof is an inspiration. I would advise everyone to take a daily cold shower, it one of the most invigorating experiences anyone can have!

  5. I actually just got skyrim and heard and npc say it… but thanks for the reply!

  6. DigitalRearranged

    wow, screw that. I stay snuggled under my blanket and thats my chi!

  7. Wow…. That is incredible

  8. Wim, you are my inspiration! Now I’m reading “becoming The Iceman” and I hope to learn to breath like you. For one year I have been taking cold showers even during the wnter and thsi boosts my imune system a lot. Now I’m thinking of ways to expose myself more to the cold so I can be able to condition myself.
    I am a big supporter of you. Keep up the good work. Cheers from Bulgaria.

  9. amazing, i am an all year round open water swimmer, wetsuit and non wetsuit – would love to use your methods to do and icemile swim!!! any help welcomed!

  10. l’eau a l’aire bonne! >.<

  11. If anyone reading this is wondering whether or not you should take the opportunity to train with this man… DO IT! He is a true genius!

    (Hi Wim! I love you and miss you man! Where are my McGill shorts?!)

  12. cool i want to be like that man 😀

  13. I can only imagine how emotional the first times he did this and the first time he found he could hold his breath and withstand the cold for crazy amounts of time – because of the reason he was doing it in the first place. His wife commited suicide and he was soul searching. It seems clear to me that he must’ve been in maybe quite a desperate and pained or maybe just very curious and open state to even try this, once it worked it must’ve felt like pure elation

  14. The Swedish Iceman

    Love the video, very inspiring! Sharing this with others is the best feeling!! I am uploading videos to my YouTube channel about my own journey and how I incorporate Wim Hof Method into my life! Stay strong! Stay healthy!

  15. this guy is a real inspiration for me and many  other’s .thx Wim Hof

  16. Иван Никитин

    Американская версия Порфирия Иванова!

  17. is this just another approach to the Tibetan Tumo meditation of heating and cooling the body? I believe yes.

  18. Hi Wim! Thank you for sharing this gift with the world! My good friend is Taking your online course and has been teaching me the breathing technique. In the beginning I could only hold my breath for 30 seconds, now I’ve reached 1minute and 26 seconds and I love how I feel after. I am saving up to take your online course and once I’ve done that I would very much like to go to Poland and be one of your students because I am having a hard time with the cold. I can do it in a cold lake but don’t seem to be able to do it in the shower! I want to conquer that and other personal things in my life. Again thank you Wim Hof.Namaste

  19. I’ve losely been doing his method for a week or so now (the breathing routine before my yoga practice and cold showers everyday) and I literally am laughing, all the time! 😀 Be happy

  20. True Genius! I love what he those for a living call it successful man that he did not care what others thought, about him at all. This could be my next dream to fulfill before I die! I think it will be in-seine not to see his brain on SPECT brain imagery​. Brain Envy that he may do this. BRAVO! He unleashed his beast inside!

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