He went lectin-free… and it changed EVERYTHING | Ep166

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If you've been following the Plant Mystery Program for some time currently, there's a likelihood you have actually been investing an increasing number of time in your cooking area– which's great!
Because the reality is, it's nearly difficult to discover healthy, lectin-free dishes by eating in restaurants or getting from your favored dining establishments.
Even the so-thought "healthy" alternatives– such as salads, soups, or veggie dishes– generally include surprise harmful ingredients– like Omega-6 packed oils or lectin-bomb ingredients.
And also while you could sometimes stumble upon a genuinely lectin-free choice, cooking at home is your BEST tool for locating success on my program.
And my visitor knows just what I'm speaking about.
On this episode, I talk with The Delicate Vegan. After battling with some pretty significant wellness issues, he had the ability to entirely transform his health and wellness around by following my Plant Mystery Program.

He currently has his extremely own lectin-free food preparation channel on YouTube, where he shares his creative dishes in a step-by-step, easy to comply with way.

The Delicate Vegan as well as I share his excellent journey to health, pointers for vegans on the Plant Paradox, and also specialist cooking advice to help YOU cook your method to far better health and wellness.

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On this episode you'll discover:.
The diet regimen a few of my sickest patients are following when they pertain to see me– as well as the one nutritional change that helps them improve almost right away (13:00).
How "treating this food with regard" can open up a TON of opportunities for vegans on the Plant Mystery (non-vegans will certainly enjoy this as well!) (15:00).
Why eliminating THIS food has assisted much of my people that struggle with autoimmune disease– and also the food swap that makes this an easy change for lots of people (18:00).
The obscure technique to obtaining vegan cheese to MELT (21:00).
The Sensitive Vegan's method for obtaining adequate B12 on a vegan, lectin-low diet regimen– and why he says "disloyalty" every now and then can really be a good thing (23:30).
Why maintaining THESE 3 foods in the cooking area make living lectin-low much easier (and also more delicious) (37:00).
What I found out about food preparation from a vineyard in Tuscany– and why it matters for YOUR wellness (39:00).
My tackle why brand-new, groundbreaking details commonly gets dismissed by medical professionals– as well as an idea for locating a doctor you can trust (45:00).
My MUST-know food preparation technique for individuals that are delicate to garlic as well as onion (49:00).

Stated on this episode:.

The Energy Mystery: What to Do When Your Get‑Up‑and‑Go Has Obtained up and also Gone– (pre-order here!).

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  1. That’s all great but I’m not giving up my steak

  2. Love you Dr. Gundry!

  3. Daily Dose of Medicine


  4. Vegan is not that healthy, it’s missing few minerals and vitamins

  5. Wonderful, thanks 🙏🏻

  6. You look younger Dr Gundry.

  7. Just recently started watching and following your channel, love it. Seriously considering trying to make a change to the lectin free eating. My only question is I love to lift weights and excersise, will this limit muscle growth, just curious.

  8. A good interview and very informative however, my head is ready to explode with all of these new dietary meals. Lately I’ve read that we shouldn’t be eating fibre and, that doctors/researchers say to eliminate eating it ( plant foods). Then there’s the avoid all oxalates diet, with good research behind that and saying not to consume it as much as possible. Then there’s the mucus forming foods to avoid which, I am struggling with with no relief and restrictive. Then there’s your research which is also informative. I mean…. there’s just so many diets out there that I’m extremely overwhelmed! What do I do now? Also you had a guest on your show that, got rid of his white spots or patches…. what did he eat to make them go away? Thank you

    • Trial and error Mary. The attractive thing about Dr Gundry is that he acknowledges the openness of this subject. Everyone is slightly different. I’m following his findings in my diet at the moment. He says coffee is fine. But like this chef, I seem to have a sensitivity to it. So try a diet regime, and follow your gut. I think when we pay attention to our bodies the tell us what is irritating.

  9. Lynn Youngblood

    Vegetable capsules – How do we find out if the vitamins we are taking have corn in the capsule? I looked it up and lots of them are made from hypromellose, which is made from trees.

  10. Cherie La Croix

    Thank you Dr. Gundry, another great podcast…going over to the sensitive vegan now

  11. I am a longtime vegan,have 3 books of Dr.Gundry and its something new.Thank you Dr.Gundry.

  12. Wonderful!!! I will follow him , my dear and favorite dr !!! 🙏🏻💖🌹

  13. I’m Brazilian and I grew up with pressure cooked beans! I’m 40.

  14. How do we ferment quinoa?

  15. Checking in from the DMV

  16. Humans were not adapted to be vegetarians. Just buy grass fed meats and pasture raised chickens/eggs to skip the grain negatives. Meat fat and protein is essential for human health.

  17. Loved the interview! Informative and funny

  18. Thank you so much Dr. G. Going to look for The Sensitive Vegan

  19. Thank you again Dr Gundry. I really appreciate all of your research, and your open attitude to growing knowledge.

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