LIFESPAN Book by David Sinclair: Aging & Aging-Related Diseases

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— REGARDING THIS VIDEO CLIP: I'm covering David Sinclair's new book, "Lifespan: Why We Age– and Why We Do not Have To." Included here are some intriguing theories and also discussions about aging as well as age-related diseases.

I additionally discussed the topics of Valter Longo's Prolon FMD (not eating mimicking diet regimen), vitamin K2 carboxylation and vitamin K2-dependent enzymes, inflammation tests (Hs-CRP, MPO, Lp-PLA2, and MACR), secret life of fat cells, and also niacin.

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  1. No sound, but i guess you have heard that already. We haven’t.

  2. Disappointed for some reason I didn’t get the notification ahead of time. Listening to the playback now

  3. Cameron And Tracey

    Same here, no sound until the 14 minute 30 second mark.

    • Ford Brewer MD MPH

      Thanks. Was that as painful for you as it was for me?

    • Cameron And Tracey

      @Ford Brewer MD MPH it’s all good. All the information that you provide for us is invaluable. The technological blips that happen along the way are no big deal, especially in comparison to all that you do for all of us.

  4. I didn’t know Sinclair’s book already came out… was hoping to hear a synopsis, thank you! Would like to hear more if you plan to go deeper.

  5. No sound.

  6. Perhaps you should forgo high technology and go with something less sophisticated like Google Hangouts.

  7. Thanks Dr. Ford. I believe I will sign up for those tests and webinar tomorrow. Its been about a year since I’ve had them tested.

  8. hi, Do you like met forman? I know you use specific statins, is met forman one of them? I attended the La event Cimt test. Thank you for putting that together.

  9. Sorry about the early no sound, but eventually it worked! I have also read Dr. Sinclair’s LIFESPAN, and based on your comment, I am wondering if you could please tells us what NMN you decided to buy for yourself. Amazon has so many choices. Thank you!

  10. You are faithful in the face a difficulty. I aspire that quality.

  11. Great video- doc!! The Sinclair book is in my wish list- still not in stock up here yet. Sorry I had to miss the replay- we lost power up here- and my cell tower was involved in that- so no internet too! Good info as always!

  12. Dr. Brewer, I noticed a very strange phenomena, i.e.: Number of people with diabetes-2 is increasing over the years, however the number of heart attacks (and heart events in general) are significantly decreasing over the years. (You would expect with an increasing number of diabetes-2, also the number of heart events will increase.) Do you have an explanation for this phenomena?

    • Ford Brewer MD MPH

      Great question:
      1. IR causes plaque, inflammation and heart attack/stroke as well as T2DM;
      2. There are 1000s of undiagnosed people with Insulin Resistance for every diagnosed case of T2DM;
      3. Therefore undiagnosed IR is causing way more Heart Attacks than T2DM;
      4. Likewise, as you see on this channel, many (if not most) T2DM cases are not diagnosed. People (like OAG) are constantly writing in saying “I had full T2DM and my doctor didn’t know it. I discovered it with the OGTT”.
      So the bottom line is that we could double or triple our recorded number of cases with better diagnosis – and still have no increase in real cases.
      Having said all that, I doubt that anyone believes that’s the real driver. I think we all believe that we’re managing disease processes better before, during & after the events. My goal is to make “ before the event” mean much earlier IR, not late IR and T2DM as it currently is.

    • Thanks a lot for your elaborate answer. However this makes my observed phenomena even more strange. Or do I somewhere make a mistake in my logic: The number of people diagnosed with T2DM is increasing (this is a fact), so we may expect that the number of people with undiagnosed IR is increasing as well. This is probably due to the current lifestyle combined with the Standard American diet. So following this logic the number of people that would get a heart attack/stroke should increase as well. However the opposite is true: the number of people getting a heart attack/stroke is decreasing over the years. How is this possible? Do I make a mistake in my logic???

  13. Ahhh … so K2 helps/assisis with carboxylation!! And when the certain enzymes that are effected by K2 get carboxylated they can then remove calcium from the arteries and also deposit calcium in the bones!!
    I didn’t understand that from your last K2 video.

  14. Abdel-Ilah BENAHMED

    As you said dr brewer lnflammation is very often connected to insulin resistance. So to evaluate this inflammation us CRP is less reliable than microalbumin to créatinine ratio. But what about using directly an HOMA – IR test ? Doing so you will know if you are insulin resistant and if you have chronic inflammation.

    • Ford Brewer MD MPH

      I use the HOMA-IR. But it is relatively non-specific. It is a guess based on 1 fasting glucose and 1 fasting insulin.

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