Prof David Sinclair- Ageing & the Sirtuin Gene – Charmaine’s Beauty

Teacher David Sinclair, the 2010 Garvan International Other, discusses his work with researching aging. He talks about his work on the Sirtuin genetics which seem to shield body organs from conditions as well as may extend life expectancy.

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  1. So will the people say this is not of God?

  2. seems gay

  3. SIRT2 is normally found in the cytoplasm associated with the microtubule network and can deacetylate α-tubulin but is also associated with the condensed chromatin during mitosis.

  4. So if Sinclair has extended life in mice, how far away is he from winning:

  5. How can I contact this man?

  6. But then how will the remaining pharma companies make money if new drugs actually fix/improve the underlying problem?

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