Dr. Axe: Western medicine is wrong about THIS | Ep137

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Dr. Josh Axe, certified medical professional of alternative medicine, professional nutritionist, as well as very successful writer, joins me to review what Western medicine has obtained all incorrect, the most efficient natural ways to boost your immune system, and the best thing you can do TODAY to begin boosting your wellness.

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  1. 2 cool dudes👍👍

  2. Thanks for this!!! I’ve been bolstering my immune system for a couple of years now eating Gundry style and it works!!!I have been “well” ever since after years battling mrsa infection and constant use of IV antibiotics!!!thanks so much!!!

  3. Speaking of deep breathing – it is impossible to be angry if deep breathing is done when one is angry. Try it sometime.

  4. Daily Dose of Medicine


  5. Please if u can help me find
    Someone that can help while I continue your product having difficulty because of my eye sight I live in Jonesboro Arkansas I’ll take any ideas from you you’ve helped my life so much

    • Need Someone that I can work with me because of my head injury I have come such a long way because of your product despite what my doctors tell me but now looking for someone that is willing whether it’s a doctor nutritionist or someone that’s in the same situation as me looking for some suggestions and help

  6. Do you know about red-light therapy?

  7. Thank you both I love and need all this information.. I am right now going through allergic reaction I believe multivitamins, I want to just eat enough for my size and age, female

  8. I love it.. I’m listening I will follow off topic LOL

  9. Do u know Dr Daniel pompa

  10. Can anyone tell me why dr AXE prefers cooking veggies?

  11. I’m sure this will be controversial, but why do we assume that ancient people were healthier? Or that the food they ate was better for them? Otzi the Ice Man, was found mummified and frozen in the alps and lived 3100 BC. His estimated age was around 45 and he already had significant sign of heart problems.

  12. How many pairs of glasses do u have

  13. According to western medicine we have to live on pils?!What to eat,doctors said,what ever you want.😱

  14. Two of my favorite doctors!

  15. 오케이HeyOhKei

    Wow, this is my first time catching an episode as it was uploaded. ^_^

  16. 오케이HeyOhKei

    As someone with an autoimmune disease, is it in my best interest to mix both? Adhere to natural remedies and a clean diet whenever possible and also take medicine? After my diagnosis, they prescribed me hydroxychloroquine. When I asked what I could be doing naturally, they said nothing I do will work because this is a unique condition. I don’t believe medication to be a solution. I don’t like taking tons of pills, but I also don’t like feeling as bad as I do all the time. Any suggestions?

  17. AWESOME gentlemen! Thank you!

  18. Where did axe earn the certified dr of natural medicine degree, what school?

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