Does Mindfulness Really Work? Sadhguru Answers

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Addressing an inquiry on mindfulness, Sadhguru says life will become fantastic if one lives in a state of desert, rather than attempting to be conscious. He likewise eliminates misconceptions concerning the oft-used slogan "Stay in the minute".

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Yogi, mystic and also visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a distinction. An arresting blend of profundity as well as materialism, his life and also work works as a tip that yoga is a contemporary science, extremely appropriate to our times.

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  1. Awesome 😍waiting guru dev🙏

  2. This is very interesting subject. I follow another guru, The Meditation Guru channel, from FISU Meditation who is speaking about similar subjects.

  3. Realms of dimension

    I cant wait for the video. support our channel that talks about mysterious topics and life lessons. offered in English, Arabic, and German.

  4. “….where YOU are absent!!”

    • “Beauty is when the self is not” J. Krishnamurti.
      The more of Sadhguru’s talks I listen to the more I’m convinced that he was largely influenced by him….

    • @Ron Mav No. This is the way, this is the Direct experience of all enlightened beings. No external, body-mind influence! 🙂 I know exactly what all these masters are talking about, too, but “I” come back to “being a personal identity case” over and over again thus far.Not grounded in Being, yet.

    • @TheAwakenedINFJ Yes same here to stop identifying, to let go of all that i am not there must be a homecoming i dont know what it is yet, but right now i can see my ego Much better feels like a little space between me and my ego i just dont know what it is its not fully experienced yet

  5. The Self-Improvement Hub

    Life is mainly bad for people because of mind-made impediments. As the Buddha put it, “the clear light nature of mind”

    • There is no such thing as “mind”. We have manas or mann where likes and dislikes are stored (which is NOT mind). We have buddhi which is NOT intelligence. Buddhi or viveka is for discrimination. We have chitta (where past memories of this life and past lives are stored) which is NOT an unconscious mind. So, our thoughts and actions are based on pre-programmed karma. Free will is also there but it cannot achieve anything beyond what is pre-programmed.

    • The Self-Improvement Hub

      @kashsoldier Free will and preprogrammed seem a bit like a contradiction though. But I agree that there is only Kamma in the end

  6. Yes Yes! Read everything, and then say that you did not know FBC fund and their algorithm!

  7. A possibility unrealized is a Problem🙏

  8. Guided Meditation

    *Whoever, reading this comment, you’re capable, you can do whatever you want you’ll the first millionaire in your family, be strong* !

  9. FBC fund and their algorithm is the best, there is no point in arguing with this

  10. FBC fund and their algorithm is the best, there is no point in arguing with this

  11. Few of them are always ready to hit dislike button 😅

  12. Himal Pillay - Motivational Speaker & Coach

    *mindfulness can bring about a sense of peace and fulfilment. practice it diligently and you’ll get results.*

    • Shankaran Pillai

      Peace isnt the goal of life.

    • @Shankaran Pillai Vipassana or mindfulness is nothing but Jnana yoga or Buddhi yoga. What Sadhguru talking about is Karma yoga (inaction in action). But Jnana + Karma yoga can be practiced depending on the context. Jnana when you are not doing any work. Karma when you are doing some work. Krishna said Karma yoga is better than Jnana yoga to Arjuna because of the context of war like situation.

    • Peace exists only because exists war. War exists only because exists Peace. This is the duality.

    • @kashsoldier Who told you Vipassana is gnaan yoga ? Vipassana is the path of prajna or awareness. It’s not limited to just intellect.

  13. Himal Pillay - Motivational Speaker & Coach

    *Happy New Year! I hope it’s not to late to say this still haha*

  14. Sanika Suryawanshi

    The most wonderful moments of your life were when you were absent

  15. By being absent we become trully present🌸❤🙏😂

  16. I want to feel happy bt people i m surrounded with are hopeless…bt still i find time somehow to be positive n happy1😄

  17. 4:01 “A possibility, unrealised, is always a big problem!” 🔥

    4:43 “They were the most beautiful moments of your live, when you were absent!” ❤️

  18. This is a rather misguided and misleading title. The practice of Mindfulness helps a lot of people and the title makes it sound like Sadhguru is putting it down when in truth he doesn’t really talk about it. I wish you would change the title to something less sensationalistic.

  19. “The reason why people hold on to memories so tight is because memories are the things that don’t change, when everyone else does.” 🙏🏽

  20. Thank you Guru ji🙏🕉 for the endless wisdom

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