If you eat fat – you NEED to hear this | Ep129

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On this episode, I talk about why all oils are OKAY, the REALITY regarding canola oil (also my followers will be surprised), and also why my doubters are merely INCORRECT regarding olive oil.

Full records and show notes:

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  1. Excited about this one. Grabbing my Mate.

  2. Daily Dose of Medicine

    Good topic 👍

  3. With the oxidation that occurs couldn’t the product be put in a collapsible bag 4 greater Purity and then there’d be no oxygen cuz the bag would collapse as it was dispensed

  4. I cant tell you how much better i feel with just changing a few things, all this in last 2 weeks. Been fighting anemia my levels look good for iron, folate , b12. I basically eat like you want us too already.
    I also had diarrhea or loose stools in between good ones. Found You on Youtube.
    Removed Chia seeds
    Started a 100 billion probiotic, read up on Prebiotics, watched more of you. Incorporated Mushrooms , removed all fruit. Bought some supre reds for now. I did order some of yours so Im waiting. Well here we are 12/21/2020 and I feel Great. Im 58, im very lean and I take care of my body. I’m not cold anymore, not like i was. I feel the combination of more of the veggies and Prebiotics and Probiotics is changing me. Im Happy. Thank you Sir, would love to be an ambassador for you 🙂
    Lots of EVO good stuff too, not as good as yours but Very good.

  5. Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  6. Doing keto got rid of my blood pressure for four years now

  7. 2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  8. I am allergic to roundup and am suspicious that many people are at different degrees… I swell up all over when i get in contact with it, and am sure that even very small amounts cause inflammation in my body.. so I have to be very careful about food products that get any close to glyphosate. I have COPD and believe that the inflammation in my lungs in in part due to glyphosate ingestion. Good info here. ty Doc.

  9. Thanks for answering my question!

  10. Good to know ill bring some blueberries to mcDonalds next time to keep my blood vessels flexible.
    Oliveoil yes, fructose no.

  11. 🙏🥰fantastic thanks doc..

  12. Should you take olive oil if you Have R-BBB and no gallbladder?

  13. I have a bookkeeping question for dr. Gundry.: podcast that are listed on iHeartRadio and on Spotify are not numbered the way I see them here on YouTube. can those formats have podcast numbers added to them. It makes it much easier to find and keep track of.. Some other podcast I see on iHeartRadio and Spotify are numbered.

  14. Thank you this informative and excellent video Dr!! Greatly appreciated.

  15. Warrior In The Garden

    Thank you Dr. Gundry!!! I kept saying to myself -“Did he say 1L of Olive oil?” Thankful for repeating this. I love these deep dives into the studies. And also happy you cleared up the oxidation of olive oil. There has been many articles about “fake” olive oil. Are there any brands that you stand by?

  16. Lectin Free Solutions

    Are phytoceramides touted for skin hydration the same ceramide you are talking about reducing?

  17. Thank you Dr. Gundry for the great content and information!Just a suggestion if possible.
    It might be easier for some of us to understand the science if you draw it up on a board or edit in some pictures.
    For example, to help us understand the difference in the composition of different types of fat, or even the results of studies such as the Spanish study to help us visualize the improvements seen in Olive oil consumers vs nuts vs low fat.
    Again thank you so much for the great content, and looking forward for your new book!

  18. The bad oils are the oils sold in the grocery store which are not organic. These oils are produced by using high heat, extenders, deodorizers, etc. The result is that you now have an oil which is already oxidized and ready to do damage to anyone that swallows it. Omega 6 from whole foods is very good for you but the Omega 6 LA from these industrial oils are oxidized and very unhealthy. No one wants to cook with oils that are high in Omega 3 ALA even if they are organic because they will oxidize from the heat during cooking. The only oils I use are organic extra virgin olive oil but I add this oil after cooking my food in either water or broth and I cook with organic extra virgin coconut oil or organic butter because they are very stable. Processed foods, fast food, restaurant food mainly use the industrial processed oils which are causing many health problems.

  19. A couple questions:

    Canola Oil! Shouldn’t we be looking for “Expeller Pressed” Canola Oil though? Along with Organic and Non-Gmo?

    Also how many grams of sugar can a Liver process before it goes through de novo lipogenesis? That is the process of converting excess fructose into fat right? I’ve always heard a nice number is about 25 grams.

  20. Dr. G I feel you handled the differences of opinion on the consumption of oils with both science and grace. You are both wonderful doctors for sure!!!

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