Fasting on this Day Can Purify the Body – Sadhguru

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Sadhguru discusses the value of providing the body a break from food, so that the system can detox and straighten itself.

Yogi, mystic and also visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. A detaining mix of profundity and also materialism, his life as well as work acts as a pointer that yoga is a contemporary science, extremely pertinent to our times.

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  1. Your Laugh Is Guaranteed

    Thank you sadhguru!! Keep spreading peace and positivity.. this world need it so much!!!!

  2. It is important that you don’t fast forcefully. If you observe the natural cycle of the body, there is something called a mandala. The mandala means that every 40 to 48 days, the system goes through a certain cycle. In every cycle, there are three days when your body does not need food. If you are conscious of how your body functions, you will become aware that on these days, your body does not need food. And without effort, you can go without food on that day.

    • I recently had one of these days. I was not hungry I missed breakfast worked all day and still was not hungry. I broke fast at sunset. But I feel like I was made aware that my Being did not require food at which point I decided to fast all day..

    • @Abhishek how so sure.

    • Why is it so hard to do those things that you are teaching ,Is it because a person was born into a toxic lifestyle? I tried to relieve myself from the toxic living by meditation. And when I do this… I proceed to see toxic things from the past. “Why is it like that”?

    • @Bridget Dawson I suggest setting an intention before you meditate. Let the negative thoughts and feelings pass through, and allow the answers to flow. In and out, up and down, and allow your energy to elevate into love, gratitude, or as high as you can get. Don’t judge your thoughts, that takes you out of the meditative state. You’ll discover your mind will quiet and your chakras will begin to open up and flow again. Then you will see the answers to your questions — the solutions to your problems. Blessings!

    • @uma zha God forgive us if we realize our mistakes. But make sure that, you do not repeat the same.

  3. Namaste, I hope to do fasting today, a break from the food, for vibrance.

  4. You have changed my life so much …. Much love from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  5. Who else is watching this after doing meditation??

    Your voice itself is the positivity that we get during this time. 🙏🥰

  6. Thank you so much for this as I just started my detox today 💗

  7. Sahil Arora 4049

    Today’s Morning I was thinking that why i eat so much ? I should give rest to my inner system…. I wasn’t aware about this day….then i decided to practice fast and after 5 minutes …i am watching this video….what should i call this ? A sign from universe or coincidence ?

  8. Imagine the digestive system like a machine. At times, it needs a break to recoil itself. We wouldn’t know but it would do us a world of good. That’s one of the fulcrum points of Indian philosophy.

  9. Younger Motivational

    To the person reading this I hope you become successful.

  10. I took this break for that day Ekadashi.. it felt soo good.. it was wonderful to fast on that day.. and yess it is true, that day the body doesn’t ask for food.. Love u Sadhguru for such ancient wisdom and science guiding today’s world 🙏🏻😊❤❤.. we definitely need the indian culture back.. well what Sadhguru has created a wonderful meditative temple, an actual one, which represents the true yogic culture, traditions and sciences..❤❤

    • @tamil serial actress download kalnirnaya hindi version app. next ekadashi is on 27 oct. ekadashi always comes 4 days before full moon(purnima).

    • @CHOUDHARY HR it comes once in a month.. 4 days before every full moon.

    • So you can eat at evening? I thought you break fast, at breakfast?

    • @Gašper Slak no brother u don’t eat on morning and afternoon that day.. only one ‘meal’ in around 7-8 pm.. the break-fast that u mentioned should be done in regular days excluding Ekadashi days.. in regular days, people eat meals in morning and afternoon.. and generally fast in nights and evening.. for that they break fast in the breakfast of the next day

    • I just thought it’s strange, when sadhguru said the next day, he ment physically the next morning, not socially 24 hours

  11. ThePerfectCelibate

    Note: You shouldn’t eat before you feel hungry, to keep your system vibrant.

  12. Fasting is a beautiful feeling after one day, you have 2x the energy,focused and no anxiety

  13. Ekadashi on 13 Oct and 27 oct

  14. Maddirala Satyanarayanamurty

    My mother who is 90 now did this since childhood has no sugar. Very good practice.

  15. I was literally googling about fasting and mono diets because my body feels like a heavy blanket slumped over my sofa and then this is uploaded, who needs food anyway?

    • You need food. Don’t starve yourself. Drink plenty of water to keep your bowel system lubricated. Carbs on top of carbs with no water isn’t good.

  16. 😱😱😱i did fasting today just i wanted to, but i didn’t knew that this was best day to do fasting😱 🙏🙏🙏

  17. I’ve instinctively known this for years. Glad to here it from someone who knows. Modern society largely eats too frequency.

  18. Whoever is reading this
    May all your dreams come true 🤗

  19. Try Ekadashi Upvaas once, start slowly..
    You’ll be grateful for your blessings, u’ll feel see the difference & appreciation for everything you have in your life ❤️
    It’ll calm you down, you’ll be able to control your anxiety,anger, hunger !
    You’ll feel one with the nature, Voiceless animals ,air ,❤️
    You’ll feel their feelings slowly !
    Jai Shri Krishna ❤️🙏🏻
    May his grace & blessings be upon all of you ❤️

  20. The Essence Of Sadhguru

    “Fasting twice a month on Ekadashi days is the best way to do it and has been a part of the yogic culture for time immemorial. It is important that you don’t fast forcefully. … If you are constantly drinking coffee or tea, then, if you fast, it will become torture for you; fasting will be very difficult.” Sadhguru ✧

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