Could THIS be the ideal way to eat? | Ep117

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Dr. Joel Fuhrman, experienced nutritionist and best-selling writer of Consume to Live, joins me to speak about exactly how food can aid Americans turn around type 2 diabetes mellitus, quit cancer cells in its tracks, and add over a YEARS of healthy and balanced living to the ordinary life expectancy. We'll additionally go over the ONE tested method to increase long life, why it's really better to REDUCE your metabolism, and also whether YOU must attempt the keto diet regimen.

Full transcript as well as reveal notes:

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  1. This is: Cool, cool cool

  2. Vegan/Vegetarian since 1983.
    BS in Nutrition/Dietetics +RD.
    Avoided Sugar like the plague, not too much Fruit (gut reacts horrifically).
    Down to 1MaD for the past 2 years.
    Still have Large gut (IBS-C) issues but not as bad prior with a 2MaD observance for most of my life.
    160lbs in H/S
    180lbs in University.
    200lbs by late 40’s
    Still 200lbs in my 60’s.
    Technically obese.

    I’ve considered epigenetic expression as a causal factor beyond lifestyle choices.

    I think eating multiple times a day is a fraud, much like the societal zeitgeistal push to obsessively having sex (or the need for meds for the same) all the time or even ss mundane & extravagant as the “Once-a-Month-Club”.

    This entyre world is a fraud.

  3. Daily Dose of Medicine

    What are the benefits of eating healthy?👍

    Weight loss.

    Reduced cancer risk.

    Diabetes management.

    Heart health and stroke prevention.

    The health of the next generation.

    Strong bones and teeth.

    Better mood.

    Improved memory

  4. Three years after changing to Dr. Gundry’s diet, my arthritis is almost gone, including neuropathy, I lost over 60 pounds without exercise (still need to lose some, but I love coconut milk ice cream). I had CV19 and recovered after 48 hours of high temperature. I don’t think I would have recovered as quickly had I not changed my diet. I KNOW my immune system is working, as my symptoms of auto immune disease disappear. When I cheat with sugar, the symptoms come back quickly. I love Dr. Gundry. You are an angel from heaven… in my life, anyway. Virtual hugs to you all day everyday. – 68 yrs young on no meds

  5. Respect for doctors like you. God bless people spreading the truth.
    Unfortunately the cohort of food addicted retards will not change their habits. And the big charlatans (big pharma + Microsoft + Google + big corp) that have hundreds of millions invested in chemical pharma and vaccine will not promote the real issues or the truth. Those vectors will push for vaccines and patented chemicals that can destroy the health of people.
    Healthy people don’t make money for the big corp and government. The agenda is to shrink the population of the world and eradicate people after they reach the retirement.
    The rich want to keep the planet just for them, and they don’t need 7 billions of fat rats around.
    See the agenda here:
    Covid is just a proof of that.
    The voices of people like you will be suppress and reduced, another agenda is promoted on mass media.

  6. Just thrilled that you got dr. Fuhrman on! He changed the way I look at food. He respects the viewer and provides detailed information and trusts that an informed patient will do the right thing. This is the most responsible and respectful approach a doctor and a teacher can pursue- to give the audience the benefit of their intelligence. Thank you!

  7. I really wanted to see you guys duke it out over peppers and lectins. I follow both of your advice and you clash there. Thanks, by the way. I put both of you in charge of my feast and Dr. Jason Fung in charge of my fast a year ago. Down 75 pounds (220 to 145), put my diabetes in remission after a decade, off all drugs save baby aspirin, Magnesium, fish oil and a multivitamin. My A1C fell from 9 to 5.2 while on drugs (Metformin and Januvia). It’s projected at 4.9 now off everything. I’m hoping to push it just a little lower and keep it there.

    • Me as well…. They never debate where they differ… Dr G NEVER does that…. it’s all about letting the interviewee promote the book and promote their view point.

  8. I am very much in alignment with Dr. Joel Fuhrman; more than I am with Dr. Gundry and Dr. Berg.

    Good that Dr. Gundry invited Dr. Joel Fuhrman for an interview, and coupled with Dr. Berg’s short and informative videos and Dr. Gundry’s podcasts, we have no excuses for not learning how to live a healthier life.

  9. What about all the high oxalates in the veggies, nuts and fruit.

    • They promote seventh day Adventist’s believes. Don’t eat meat, because it will make you sin lol. There is no real proof of plants miracles. I feel much better without grains and legumes. I feel nourished when eating red meats and liver. No more ANA positive results and my pain and central nervous system symptoms are gone. This is all pro plant, pro vegan talk. Studies that only support idealogical believes. Shame.

    • Most people don’t have a problem with them. If you are someone that does reduce your consumption of high oxalate foods.

    • Marco Antonio Leon

      Oxalates in moringa are safe. That’s a good option.

    • @Funny Girl May I ask how long after changing diet did symptoms subside? I’m one week into this; breakfast is a challenge but lunch and dinner am adjusting. Hopefully my issues resolve too, thx

    • @Funny Girl Umm, what? Vegans aren’t the only people that eat plants. There isn’t a single study that says eating more meat will improve longevity or health. They ALL say to reduce meat consumption and increase fruit and veg and they aren’t vegan studies. ALL long-lived healthy populations thrive on plant foods.. You obviously have underlying health issues. It’s not the plants, it’s you.

  10. Kudos to you Dr.Gundry for bringing another brilliant nutrition mind to us even though you both don’t agree on all of one another’s recommendations. This podcast made me laugh and educated me. Well done as usual.

  11. Gundry asks, “are people listening to you?“ Answer, I am! I have become a Nutritarian and love the style of living with nutrient-rich food.

  12. Everyone needs to figure out whats best for them. Depending what has already damaged their body

  13. Questions : A) Why when I eat only Grapes for about 2 weeks were cured some problems that I had? Some of my friends also cured very serious diseases.
    B) I am gymnast. When I was in my University I did a research study: for about 3 days, 7 athletes ate only fruit every 3 hours. The results:
    1) Resting heart rate 10 less.
    2) Better neuromuscular fitting (better rhythms, repetitions, nervous response of the muscles, the brain communicated much faster and better rhythm.)
    3) Higher resistance to lactic acid. What does this mean; All athletes endured the lactic acid longer, so they repeated the test several times.
    4) More strength in strength test.
    5) Final conclusion: All athletes had a 20-30% improvement in our performance …..
    I’m not a doctor, but I remember reading in Physiology : 1) Raising the Vitamin C you rice up your strength about 10% 2) eating only vegetables or fruits makes your blood more alkaline, carrying more Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide and more Lactic Acid.


    The interviews that Dr. Gundry makes are very helpful to educate ourselves and have another point of view on so many things that impact our health. But we have to listen and make our own opinion. Thanks for another great video

  15. the keto diet worked for a while as a diabetic 2, my blood sugars went down a lot, but then to much protien intake, had the worse joint pains ever. I stopped eating meat during the week except when have special outings, and mainly eat just fish on weekends like Dr Gundry does… Lots of vegies, raw also, with mushrooms and brussel sprouts or cabbage.. I got a pressure cooker to cook my raw beans after soaking them for 24 hours, drain the water every 4 hours, and make my chilli beans and live on that every lunch time meal and for dinner have a lighter meal like Joel fuhrman recomended….the intermittent fasting is good a few times a week, but when I fasted 5 days, my sugar level returned totally to normal, but as soon as ate a big normal meal, which I should of had a small meal first, I went into shock and suffered heart pulpatiions, cold fevers and severe head swings almost collasped. I’m not interested in fasting like that again not work for me and I hardly lost weight anyway….Dr gundry and joe fuhrman I believe is the closest to the truth relating a healthy diet and a longer lifespan…Darryl Kirk perth western australia….

  16. Selenium Brazil nuts super high in selenium one Brazil nut a day gives you adequate selenium

  17. I believe the key is to eat real, non processed food that doesn’t have an ingredients list. All these so called experts and youtube doctors are all saying different things… Very confusing for the general population

  18. Be scared of 0.0002% death rate cobi. Wear a mask that lowers oxygen 20%. Get your vaxx with a toxic track record. A liability free product forced on you…we are sicker then ever, 1/3 children will be autistic by 2030. Thanks to almost 80 toxic vaxx. And glyphosate in just about everything you eat..

  19. I just love this podcast. Listening
    while I’m cooking makes me feel so inspired to eat healthy nutrient dense
    foods. Today in the kitchen is green vegetable soup with radishes, and I am feeling so good about myself. Since finding out about lectins I have incorporated new vegetables like radishes and radicchio into my diet which have become my favorites. It’s not easy to change eating habits. There is a strong pull back to the familiar, even if it makes one feel bad. These brilliant podcasts help to remind and encourage. Thank you so much for the time and energy put into this work!

  20. When did fuhrnan decide to align himself with Grundy? Is Grundy saying he’s eating lentils and beans now?

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