Antibiotic resistance: should YOU worry? | Ep115

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Dr. Muhammad Zaman, professor of Biomedical Engineering at Boston College and author of Biography of Resistance: The Epic Battle Between People and Pathogens, joins me to speak about antibiotic resistance, whether you must worry about antibiotics in your faucet water, the connection between the food we consume and antibiotic-resistant germs, and also what YOU can do to help in the fight versus antibiotic resistance.

Full transcript as well as reveal notes:

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  1. can you give advice to help get through covid winter.
    the world needs it.

  2. I wonder how these resistant bacteria would do with: Raw garlic on an empty stomach, IV vitamin C, ingested colloidal silver and food grade Hydrogen Peroxide at 3% – 10%, either separately or together, perhaps all together?

  3. Dr Gundry, what about MMS (chlorine dioxide gas) as a bacterial disinfectant? Thanks

  4. I love your books… and YOU. My autoimmune neuropathy is almost gone since I started plant based diet 3 years ago. At 65 yrs young, I finally found out how to eat. Thank-you, Dr.

  5. Love hearing these insights about antibiotics! Thanks for sharing! 🙏

  6. Loved content at 36mins

  7. Is there a way to scientifically tract our mix of gut bacteria?🤔

  8. Wow. I didn’t know that about soil! Amazing.

  9. Love the history lesson part !

  10. What is the personalised gut detecting technology?

  11. Love your last thought about behaviour change!!

  12. Thank you for the most up to date information. I am so grateful.
    The best of luck in recovering from the wildfires.

  13. Anastasiya Yurkevich

    amazing information!!

  14. I want to see the advertisement video where you explained pretty well about butyrate and the link to get the product please. Thanks

  15. Dr Gundry, thank you for all the wonderful information that you create thru your YouTube channel. It’s been life changing.

    Sorry to hear about losing your home in the wild fires. Best of luck recovering and staying safe.

  16. Accurate information is key. I know plenty of wealthy and “non-minorities” who eat and drink crap with the theory that a magic pill or procedure will cure their bad life choices.

  17. Hi Dr. Gundry, I am dealing with an autoimmune disease any suggestions on what kind of food I should eat and what I should avoid?

  18. Thank you so much Dr G for all the quality info you’re bringing to us.
    I have 3 questions which I hope you will be able to address at some point:
    1) I have binged on your podcast’s episodes but I don’t remember hearing you talk about hazelnuts, readily available in Italy where I live. What say you of them?
    2) tying to previous question: what’s your opinion on eating mainly the produce typical of the country/ethnicity you were born and raised since you are probably more adapted to them? E.g. I love coconut, pineapple and mango, but they wreck my stomach and guts when I eat them.
    3) in Italy not only do we peel and de-seed tomatoes but also capsicums, when we roast them. Would they be ok to consume after such treatment?
    Thanks for your advice and all the best to you

  19. This will probably go unnoticed but I need help, I ve been sick for the past two years, not sure what is going on with me . I’m 36 female, 125 pounds with no bad habits and work out yet I m sick as a dog , virus after virus

  20. Precious ❤️

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