Do vegans live longer? Dr. Gundry responds:

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Today, I'm mosting likely to review the DANGERS of a vegan diet regimen, just how you can obtain the advantages of veganism without quiting your favored foods, and why some of my LEAST healthy patients when they first see me are really the vegan ones.

Complete records as well as show notes:

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  2. Hello Dr. Gundry,
    its amazing, your knowledge, how you became from hart surgent to this doctor with all that doctor with the knowledge about food and all the connection in the body. I love your Podcast, all your advices and that one not to let go the soulmate. I follow your advice with presure cooking…and took MSM and got rid of my Fibromyalgie…no doctor believes that. Also I got rid of my IR, cronic fatigue, fatliver. Also got in freezing minus -100 for 3 minutes.
    That was great. I am not a vegetarien, but eat less and less meat.
    Thanks for all the explainations that changed my life.
    Best regards E.Horvath

  3. Thankyou for the podcast. My ancestors in East Africa have been eating peanuts for centuries. Can they be okay?

  4. RIP VEGAN DIET 2020

  5. If you really get hungry drink water. Once you push through you will feel amazing.

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  7. ‘Embrace the hunger’ My new mantra!!!

  8. Very good episode, learned something new again as always. Thanks Dr. Gundry

  9. Dr Grundy, I am having quite a bad leaky gut since long and I’ve been on medicines for treatment of IBS. Plz help me how can I get rid of it for good.

  10. I really enjoy your research and knowledge on foods etc. However l don’t believe in food supplements, don’t think one needs it. Supplements are they not processed or even chemically made ? Wild animals l don’t believe they use supplements or even our ancestors……
    This message comes to you from Lyons in France.
    Merci beaucoup monsieur, et je vous souhaite une belle soirée ou journée

  11. Nobody every runs a study based off of high quality meats vs conventional. Inflammation is caused by the animal quality.

  12. Dear Dr., since I have RA, I avoid eating grains. Recently I’ve eaten mung bean and yuca for replacing grains, isn’t alright in my case(RA)? Always admire you.

  13. Brian Peskin explains Omega 3 ALA and Omega 6 LA which are the only essential fatty acids better than anyone.

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    You made a comment not to cook the carrots… is it ok to use your carrot muffin recipe then?

  15. What are your feelings on the FODMAP Diet?

  16. I don’t know what I would do without “Dr. Gundry Information”.

  17. Don’t go vegan!

  18. Is it better for non-vegans to also get our DHA from algae sources rather than fish oil? Especially women needing to consume enough iodine for thyroid health?

  19. Dr. Gundry, I’m a fan and have read your book. My husband and I did the change of our diets in March and he loss 15 lbs I loss 6 lbs. I need to lose at least 10 more. I’m 5″6 165. I have G6PD and thyroid nodules. So, I still have to be careful with what I eat on the yes list. I’m at my wits end. With G6PD you cannot eat a lot of citrus based foods or vitamin C, peas or red wines with nitrates. I brought the vita reds but did read the ingredients, what is there for odd balls. I also follow eat right for your blood type and O type blood should not eat plantains any. I ate them and felt horrible but my husband eats them and feels great. He’s O type also.

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