To save the world, plant a garden (even if you don’t have a yard) | Ep107

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The Plant Paradox

Charles Malki, founder of IV Organic and also the writer of Conserving The Globe With The Residence Yard, joins me to review exactly how to grow your very own "green thumb," why a residence yard is wonderful for your body AND your mind, and also exactly how you can expand just about ANYTHING– despite where you live. You'll likewise find out ideas for starting an effective residence garden– even if you don't have a yard.

Full records and also reveal notes:

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  1. Daily Dose of Medicine

    The Benefits of Growing a Vegetable?

    Improve your health. Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy.

    Save money on groceries. One of the benefits of enjoying garden vegetables is a reduced monthly food bill.

    Gardening is a natural stress reliever.

  2. I love your content and am truly grateful for everything that you share dr. Gundry.

    My only experience with IV Organics was using their 3 in plant guard to whitewash my avocado trees…. it was a either defective or just a bad product. After giving them a 1star review, they didn’t even respond.

  3. Rather raise chickens and goats

  4. What a honor to be on The Dr. Gundry Podcast! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for the opportunity to share my gardening lessons with the hope of inspiring more people to get growing in a healthy way! Charles 🙂

  5. Great informative video and makes me want to grow my own food. Wee bit concerned about growing avocados as I read they are not environmentally friendly because they are a ‘thirsty’ plant and need an inordinate amount of water

  6. I have my own big kitchen garden where I grow most of the fruit and veg I eat. I love it but having started keto about 10 months ago I now have the problem of not being able to eat my yummy harvests like beetroot, sweetcorn, figs, pears or apples…

  7. Domicile Artisan

    Dr G, you made a comment about how a plant deactivates the protective lectins it produces when it ripens. Does that mean that I do not need to peel and de-seed my peppers, tomatoes, etc. when picked right from the plant at it’s peak ripeness?

  8. WOW Charles has a lot of knowledge i will definitely check him out. Love you’re show Dr Gundry ?

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