NAD+ in Aging: Role of Nicotinamide Riboside and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

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NAD+ in Aging: Role of Nicotinamide Riboside and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

In this episode, Rhonda explains what NAD+, why it is so essential for maturing as well as why it declines with age. She goes over several of the popular NAD+ boosters like nicotinamide riboside as well as nicotinamide mononucleotide, what pet and human information says and some ending ideas.

NAD+ is important for our survival. Percentages of it can be acquired in the diet regimen, however the body reuses it to obtain most of what it needs. However, everyday living plus regular aging can trigger NAD+ levels to drop. This creates metabolic and mitochondrial disorder, in addition to a number of the various other issues and also problems connected with maturing like elevated DNA damages. NAD+ levels can increase when we exercise or quick, but NAD+ precursors like nicotinamide riboside and also nicotinamide mononucleotide can additionally boost NAD+ degrees in a dose-dependent manner. Nevertheless, most of the data on NAD+ boosters comes from pet research studies. Whether these boosters are effective– and also secure– lasting in people is still a huge concern.

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▶ In-depth review of nicotinamide mononucleotide.

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nad+ precursor nicotinamide mononucleotide

More about NAD + Precursor Nicotinamide Mononucleotide


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  1. firehorse_44 alpha-omega

    Excellent lecture.
    Thank you for this presentation Dr.

  2. Yessss, feed me knowledge

  3. Damn. I need an IV of this channel straight into my brain. Oh, and that other stuff you were talking about, as well.

    • i think they do niacin on a IV and the results are pretty good! they do a quick iv push that takes like 5 mins but its pretty uncomfortable on the subject. However the results again are very good

    • Piñata Oblongata

      @Robert Jopling Is this above the sorts of levels you would find in a healthy diet?

    • Piñata Oblongata totally much higher , it’s not cheap either , for a regular b12 Iv it’s about £600 not sure on the 5 minute push Iv ?

    • Piñata Oblongata

      @Robert Jopling So what evidence supports such doses? How long does last in the system? What are the effects?

  4. Optimize with Science

    It is a fascinating topic and I love how scientific Dr. Patrick approaches it!

  5. well, Doc when one is over 80 no time to wait so we can roll the dice LOL !!

    • It’s an interesting question to wonder where that line is in comparison to age. I’m approaching 50 and wondering if it’s worth the gamble to preserve what I’ve got. Yet I find the cancer research a compelling question mark for my age as well. Tradeoffs…

    • @Chuck Kimber I have been taking NMN for 10 months, 300-500 daily. The biggest effect I have noticed is hair thickness and growth and nail strength and health. That happened within 2 weeks of starting. I simply have to trust that the other anti-aging cellular level benefits are working as well.

    • @rick I don’t question that it is working on some level (s). I think the research and this very presentation of it attest to it. Dr Rhonda is saying, for now, the science is a little unsettled and so for her (she’s young) she’s got time to wait and see. Contrast that with bobobro’s comments at the start of this thread. At 80 how long can one wait for the rest of the science and what have you got to loose trying it? I’m somewhere in the middle. I’m questioning how long can I wait for more research and data to sure up any risk/unknowns, or am I better served taking a little gamble and getting a jump on it now? At the extremes of age the answers are perhaps clearer. Those of use stuck in the middle have more to consider.

    • I’ve been eating a healthy diet all my life. When get into my 80s I plan to eat ice cream and poutine every day. Maybe take up smoking and drinking too. Might as well go out with a smile and a smear of chocolate on my face. 😉

    • @Chuck Kimber start now and track ur results. Try to share them on the internet. Exams, tests, things u felt and show. Become the test subject. Dont w8. Death by aging is close but so is the cure

  6. I weigh exactly 180 pounds… this is great.

  7. I fast every day for 20 hours. From what you said I may already be replenishing my NAD

    • @Craig M It really isn’t about reducing calories. You can eat the same amount in a shorter time.

    • Craig M : fast for 18 hours then split your 3000 over two meals.

    • @Gerald Brienza 2 1500 calorie meals in what a 4 hour window?!?! Lol. That’s sounds healthy.
      Again, this diet is great for you 40-somethings trying lose weight now that your metabolism is slowing

    • @armadillotoe stuff your face in 4 hours? I don’t smoke weed anymore lol. Gorging on 3000 calories in 4 hour is in no way healthy. Just another example of a fad diet gone crazy.. 2 yrs ago it was keto now this. Just eat healthy food Jesus Christ

    • Craig M : 6 hour window. 1,500 calories is not a lot of food. Btw, I’m 70, been doing this for a year. Never felt better or stronger. No illnesses, no meds.

  8. I just hope she appreciates me keeping this comment classy.
    -Thank You, Rogan again soon?

  9. Concise, comprehensive, and articulate. I don’t even need to speed it up to get through the information. Well done.

    • pablopolski cuz she’s one of few on YT that speaks pretty quickly which I appreciate

    • Brilliant. I feel that about 90% of the vids I watch. Good to see I’m not alone. She is terrific indeed.

    • Not concise at all! She repeats, repeats, and re-repeats the gabble “nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide mononucleotide” so often that she probably qualifies for a Board Oscar for it. Simply substituting the words “them,” “both” and “the pair” where possible would cut the video by maybe ten minutes. Over hundreds of thousands of watchings this would amount to a substantial increase in liberated human lifetime.
      Spoiler alert: exercise and sporadic fasting will probably help your body make more of this stuff, thus helping your active sirtuin level. There’s not much you can do with supplementation or diet, short of mainlining the stuff by the teaspoon. Research is promising.

  10. Dr. Rhonda, the people’s champion! ?

  11. Excellent lecture, well put together, a good balance of pros and cons, useful diagrams and a clear summary at the end. Perfect presentation technique.

  12. I think I will stick with exercise and fasting to increase my NAD+ … NR and NMR dosages are too high for comfort…

  13. I learn so much here by your presentation and documentation. Thank you Rhonda for taking, what must be a lot of time to put all of this documentation together!

  14. Great data – but leaves me with one big question – how much does exercise increase NAD+ and how does that compare with supplementation? Also – is there any synergy between exercise and supplementation?

    • Ryan Kirk .. or .. the western world is full of lazy turds that perish the thought of actually getting off their arses to do a bit of what’s proven to work, in favour of an instant cure magic pill .. there are many different firms of exercise .. any form of movement is exercise .. and there are very few human beings alive today which do not have the ability to move something or other

      Exercise, movement & stretching are highly beneficial for both the body & mind .. rarely the case with supplements which I regard as only necessary for individuals with a proven deficiency

    • @Steve Woodland The research in the molecular pathways which exercise triggers to deliver these benefits is hugely important. Ya, some people will think of it as “exercise in a pill” so they can laze about on the couch. But that’s a small price to pay for handicapped people who may not be physically capable of exercise, or for people who do exercise and are now able to dramatically increase the effect with supplements to add many healthy years to their lives. In other words, don’t let cynicism stop your appreciation for the benefits of this research.

    • Lifestyle is key. Supplementation can help but you must be careful. Mega doses of anything can have the opposite affect. Moderation in everything, diet, exercise, supplementation. Supplementation takes a backseat however to eating right and exercise because you can’t supplement your way to good health.

    • Ken,
      Next question, please.

  15. Excellent presentation. However, someone needs to mention Ketosis and its beneficial effects on the NAD+/NADH ratio. Acute ketosis increases NAD+. Safe, cheap and readily available to most people.
    See the following study on the effects of a single dose of MCT in which 250 ml of C8/C10 MCT increased the NAD+/NADH ratio by 18% in the Human Brain in 1 hour, not 4 weeks.

  16. Too much info. Need to watch it a few more times to digest everything lol

  17. WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation

    I dont know how you were able to so clearly pronounce each word so quickly and clearly. good job!

  18. Every time she says “enzyme” you have to pop an NR capsule

  19. *00:00:00* – Intro.
    *00:00:48* – Nicotinamide riboside supplementation in humans has been shown to raise NAD+ levels in white blood cells.
    *00:02:47* – Overview of NAD+
    *00:05:12* – NAD+ plays an important role in mitigating DNA damage.
    *00:05:30* – Excessive DNA damage can decrease NAD+ levels by 20-30%.
    *00:05:42* – Lymphoblastoid cells from centenarians show increased PARP-1 activity.
    *00:05:55* – Between different species of mammals, higher PARP-1 activity is strongly associated with a longer lifespan.
    *00:06:36* – *Lower organism evidence:* A second copy of SIR2, a yeast sirtuin, gave rise to a 30% extension of lifespan.
    *00:06:43* – NAD+ is required for the activation of sirtuins, which epigenetically regulate a variety of stress response-related processes.
    *00:07:03* – Energy stress, such as from fasting, exercise, or caloric restriction, increase the NAD+:NADH ratio.
    *00:07:37* – NAD+ becomes depleted in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscle as we age.
    *00:08:13* – Decline in NAD+ levels have been associated with many broad categories of clinical disease such as neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, infectious, musculoskeletal.
    *00:08:48* – NAD+ supplementation has been shown to increase lifespan in models of aging in yeast, worms, and rodents.
    *00:09:48* – In contrast to de novo synthesis, the predominant source of NAD+ in the body is via the salvage pathway, which is subject to feedback inhibition by nicotinamide.
    *00:11:56* – Animal studies have shown nicotinamide riboside supplementation is able to increase insulin sensitivity, increase endurance and strength, reverse mitochondrial damage, increase mitochondrial biogenesis, and reverse muscular atrophy.
    *00:12:30* – Nicotinamide riboside has shown positive effects on the brain in animal, such as increased neurogenesis, decreased cognitive deterioration, decreased amyloid-beta production, and increased synaptic plasticity.
    *00:12:50* – Nicotinamide mononucleotide has been shown in animals to counter an obesogenic diet, improve markers of metabolic health, improve heart function, and improve cognition and memory.
    *00:13:10* – A 12-month dietary study of nicotinamide mononucleotide suppressed age-associated body weight gain, enhanced energy metabolism, promoted physical activity, improved insulin sensitivity and plasma lipid profile, and ameliorated eye function and other pathophysiologies in mice.
    *00:13:47* – NMN has been shown to increase cancer progression in a specialized senescent cell-dependent pancreatic cancer model in mice.
    *00:15:57* – Plausibility of dosing: comparing animal and human doses.
    *00:18:05* – Tissue-specific metabolism and bioavailability of NR and NMN.
    *00:24:32* – Oral administration of NAD produces NR and NMN in the intestine.
    *00:24:19* – Intravenous administration of NAD, rather than its precursors, shows interesting results: an increase of NAD content and sirtuin expression in the hypothalamic region of the brain.
    *00:26:15* – *Human study #1:* 250mg of NR + 50 mg pterostilbene increased blood NAD+ levels by 40%, while a double dose (500 mg NR + 100 mg pterostilbene) increased blood NAD+ levels by 90%. Additionally, there was a decrease in blood pressure, and ALT (a marker for liver health).
    *00:27:12* – *Human study #2:* 500mg NR twice daily for six weeks increased NAD+ levels in white blood cells by 60%.
    *00:29:08* – Concluding thoughts and recap.

    • Not raining on anyone’s parade here. Let’s stop for a second and think. They have been searching for a single molecule in a pill that could extend life for going on 60+ years now. Nothing has been found to be effective yet. NOTHING. What makes us think the next 60 years will be different? The only think that works is plain hard work and sacrifice – eating healthy, sleep more, exercise, fasting (still debatable), and caloric restriction (prohibitively hard for most people). Where is the pill in that. Do you see one? I don’t. I am above average optimistic person precisely for the reason that life has a definite start and endpoint.

    • @Vincent Chubbs Perhaps focus on learning to enjoy the life that is there.. moment by moment.. instead of hoping to get an extra decade.

    • Re3iRtH I don’t just want another decade, I’m seeking a billion year life span of youthfulness so I can witness a galactic internet established using quantum entanglement and myriad new earths colonized with transhumans and post humans

    • @DG My thoughts exactly. I just had a tumor removed and if there’s any cancer stem cells wandering around my body I sure as hell don’t want to do anything to help them survive.

    • I hope you make a video on David’s “Deeper Level of Aging” what he said there wasn’t very clear.

  20. Seems Fasting, calorie restriction and exercising is about the only thing that works for the moment. No magic pill. Great information ?

    • @David Lloyd-Jones Half of Rhonda’s podcast guests are doing the very thing we are discussing. The researchers themselves injest these compounds hoping it will help them live longer. It’s “not at all surprising” exactly. But that doesn’t stop Rhonda, and these commenters from hoping and believing that such a molecule exists or will exist. Hence all the comments about what people are themselves currently taking. No evidence at all that they will work the way they hope.

    • @David Lloyd-Jones “Nobody’s looking” lol read the damn comments. Many people are looking. Both in the comments and Rhonda’s podcast guest are looking. They have been for decades.

    • @Re3iRtH
      I don’t think the comments sections of YouTube are where people do biochemical research.

    • @David Lloyd-Jones If you think the demographic of people on Rhonda’s channel are a bunch of neophytes, then why are you engaging with us? You have still to refute my original statement. You keep agreeing with me. In the last 60 years, every few years people get super excited about something new. Not a single compound has been found to be effective. What makes you think the next 60 years will be any different? Reservatrol, Rapamycin, Metformin, NAD, all just hopes and dreams. Expensive with no conclusive benefits proven for lifespan or health span, yet have their own side effects. I’ll stick to enjoying my life. Socioeconomic status has (by far) the biggest effect anyway.

    • @Re3iRtH
      You’re ducking and weaving, but you’re still not answering my point. Your original criticism, that “Nobody’s found a magic molecule” is silly because nobody serious looks for magic molecules.

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