5 Vital Health Tips from Sadhguru

Sadhguru shares 5 crucial health suggestions that offers a Yogi's point of view on health as well as how basic and also natural techniques can make certain a healthy life.

Health Tips videos:

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Yogi, mystic as well as visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a distinction. A jailing blend of profundity as well as materialism, his life as well as job serves as a suggestion that yoga exercise is a modern science, extremely relevant to our times.

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  1. Think Different — Thought Provoking Ideas

    “Be careful about reading health books. Some fine day you’ll die of a misprint.”
    ― Markus Herz

  2. Sadhguru Videos

    Health is not just absence of disease but a wholeness that involves physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

  3. Aditya Sanepara

    Listen to what he says , its more beneficial than looking at comment section ?

  4. Motivation To Move

    The very life within you is longing to be Blissful, because Blissfulness is the nature of the source of creation.]

  5. Carryminati : 22M+ subs
    Sadhguru : 5 M+ subs


    • Reason being Carryminati is Hindi while Sadhguru is in English …..
      fewer Subscribers!!

    • Meghana konishetty

      @Saurabh Sharma ?

    • Carry minati no logic

    • -Matter didn’t create anti matter
      -Anti matter didn’t create matter
      (Both of them were present at the time of big bang)
      -Both of them didn’t create themselves.
      -Both of them came from an unimaginable source, that unimaginable source created matter and antimatter (everything) thats why it is known as “the creator” of everything.
      – that unimaginable source/creator has created sin and virtue which are opposite to each other,
      — logic says every action has its own reaction, so the reaction of sin must be different than the reaction of virtue,
      — the creator has created prophets to let us know about each and every detail of sin and virtue, also about their reactions,
      Thank u 🙂

    • you should comment it below carry’s video if you actually wants to promote sadhguru.

      because now those who don’t know carry will get known, so you promoted him.

  6. Think Different — Thought Provoking Ideas

    “A sad soul can be just as lethal as a germ.”

  7. The divine feminine returns <3 Beautiful language Sadhguru! Sat Nam!

  8. Prashant Sengar

    Boycott made in China .
    We support Tibet, Balochistan, Hong Kong, Taiwan .

  9. The water flows everywhere picking up information and carrying memories with it. It remembers whatever thing happens around it. It is alive and intelligent too. So we simply not just drink water. We intake many information from it. So its very essential how we treat it before we drink it or use it in some other way. We should be quite conscious about what we eat and drink that makes our body and mind. It was always know from ancient ages. But today some great people keeps reminding us. Thanks a lot for being present in this beautiful earth among us 🙂 🙂

  10. Hello Sadhguru ❤️ Here for more wisdom
    Love from Australia

  11. …who was at the world economics forum yesterday…? I was invited…yes, it worked. ???. We will keep planting…❤ the children, education of the earth/planting, is our focus…all else follows. ? food 1st for all…then, i will look else where. It is me. ??

  12. Sadhgurus videos are like addiction
    Once you start you don’t want to stop.☺?

  13. Thank me later.

    0:28 Boost your immunity
    Build some relationships with the soil.
    2:58 Eat more raw food.
    Atleast 40 to 80% of your must be raw or uncooked let it be Fruits,veggie,nuts,sprouts.
    4:35 Take Shower before you sleep,it will take away certain things.
    Shower is a rudimentary form of bhuta shuddhi.
    5:52 Drink water with care.
    A lot of care as 70% of you is water.
    8:12 Gave you stomach a break.
    Your body works best when your stomach is empty.

  14. 1. Upgrade your immunity
    2. Shower before sleep
    3. Drink water with care
    4. Mostly eat raw food
    5. Give your stomach rest for a while at least 10 hours a day. ?

    • Number 5 is give 8 hours of gap between meals
      Usually if you eat healthy food it gets digested in 4 hours so give your stomach 16 hours of rest ideal

  15. Healthy steps are those what body needs,
    Know our human body is designed to restore by itself !!Thank sadhguru& Follow these to stay strong enuf to handle the challenge we r facing now gracefully.
    Take care ?

    • Todays quote for u…
      The very lyf with in u is longing for blissful bcz,Blisfulness is the nature of source of creation -sg ?

    • It only restores itself if you raise the energy level

    • @Pavan Zorba
      Simply raising energy beyond the pitch can crack up the system !

      Energy+mind+emotion+body should be arranged as 1 strong organization, we call tat health !!

    • @Pavan Zorba
      Todays new quote 7/9/2020
      The way you eat not only decides ur physical health, but also the very way you think you feel and experience life-sg ?

  16. How can someone put a thumbs down to this video. May you receive unexpected acts of kindness and abundance in life and soon start your spiritual journey.

  17. ? Thanks a lot … And also Thanksfully to the Team making All the animated films for Sadhguru !!!
    It’s a real work ! We enjoy and I guess You too !! ?Astrid (Paris)

  18. ‘Secret of Water’ movie. Structure it with “Love and Gratitude”

  19. Boss of everything. Such a man! I’m glad that I walked the same earth with him.

  20. Taking care of the water we drink! I never thought this could have such a huge impact! I have started following this tip….to make my health and life better.
    Which tip are you going to start following immediately?

    • pexels landscapes

      Water , Raw foods also shower before bed

    • The other tips that Sadhguru reminded us and Indian rituals said:
      1. Folding clothes and bed clean
      2. Get up before sunrise if possible
      3. Start the day with bath, and not to take bath without a piece of cloth
      4. Gayathri mantra of Vinayaka and Adishankara Shathpathi Stothram at least. (I’ve a list of mantras that I follow on Tuesday and Saturday and daily)
      4. Sandhya kalam timings chat at least in heart Mahadevaya namaha and maha matre namaha
      5. Not to wear yesterday’s clothes (avoid as much as possible) Girls normally don’t do so.
      6. 30 minutes of sitting on meditation and/or at least 10×4 or 10×5 sets of push ups

    • 7. Two meals a day is enough and it works as Sadhguru told ? I switched to two meals a day with a gap of 7 hours..that’s wow Sadhguru ? Body feels like bird ?

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