Aging is a Disease | Joe Rogan & David Sinclair

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Aging | This Lifespan Book Will Change Your Life

Extracted From Joe Rogan Experience # 1234 w/David Sinclair

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) & Resveratrol

Book Lifespan By David Sinclair

nad+ precursor nicotinamide mononucleotide

More about NAD + Precursor Nicotinamide Mononucleotide


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  1. Joe *”IT’S A CONSPIRACY”* Rogan

  2. That title sounds like something with a lot of weed involved

  3. Joe “I saw an old gentleman yesterday” Rogan

  4. so basically age is just a number for a perfectly healthy person right

  5. Life is a sexually transmitted disease and its terminal.

  6. 3:09 I bet his youngest kid is happy to learn he is unwanted.

  7. I’ve always viewed aging similar to making a copy of a copy of a copy. Eventually we become illegible on a cellular level.

    • From what I understand that’s not far off from what happens to our dna

    • So the is goal to make exact copies of our cells or ehh something thats close? I would say the exact copies. So to fix that so our cells fix themselves 100% and make 100% identical copies to the previous cell wouldn’t be considered a cure?

    • You’re not far off. Toss in fibonacci.

    • Maybe we can freeze our dna as a young person then inject it back into the body to repopulate our body with young dna with replicating fresh/young molecules from young copies of the persons DNA.

    • They say every cell copies itself about 50 times before oxygen has damaged the cell to the point it cant copy again cellular death due to oxidation. Oxygen sustains us and kills us.

  8. According to life noggin if you reverse aging you stay young, you expand your life span a lil bit but you still die.
    Edit: i think it was kurzgesagt, nvm.

  9. So when does a person stop growing and start aging if it becomes a disease?

  10. Age is just a number
    – R.Kelly

  11. Joe “This is my creepy friend who is a Cannibal” Rogan

  12. If Eddie Bravo said this Joe would’ve started a huge argument

  13. Not saying this guy is creepy, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was revealed that he has a suitcase full of human skin outfits.

  14. how many kids has this guy sacrificed for their blood and energy

  15. Ђорђе Станојковић

    This dude is 50 years old.
    He looks younger than me.
    I’m 22 years old.


  16. I for one find it sad. This guy has probably never LIVED a day in his life, just worried about “blah blah I need to inject myself to stop aging!” He exists only.

  17. Politikal Diskourse

    Joe “that’s an interesting way of looking at it” Rogan

  18. Imagine Joe having this podcast for thousands of years. He would get every middle name possible ?

  19. “Aging will drag the economy”

    He does realize there have been studies that show people aged 65-80 perform better in work then their young counterparts due to experience, Also that older people are now opening business which may be helping the Economy. I feel his fear of aging is making him blind to the fact that while yes their are diseases that are associated with aging that doesn’t mean they are guaranteed

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