How Do You Overcome Fear? | Sadhguru

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Is fear of failing or the unidentified maintaining you from living your desires? Sadhguru takes a look at exactly how we can overcome worry as well as experience life completely

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Questioner: Often times in my daily life worry stops me from doing little points and bigger points – anxiety from failure, maybe from denial occasionally. How to overcome this fear?

Sadhguru: You can not get over something which does not exist.Right currently, are you in worry? Right now, that I may state something damaging? Is that the worry? (Chuckles) Every moment of your life, you are in worry? No. So, when you are not in worry, simply stay like that since to produce fear, you have to use too much creative imagination. To not remain in anxiety, you don’t need to do anything. Worry is occurring because of too much imagination – things that have not happened, you are producing. What may occur in your mind takes place in thousand different formats and also most probably it never ever takes place. Things that you have actually been afraid … Take hundred things that you have feared. Probably ninety nine of them never happened, isn’t it? Yes? So, your listen to … your concern is always concerning that which does not exist. You can not battle or you can not get rid of that which does not exist. We can get rid of something which … that exists. You can not get over that which does not exist. We simply need to give up that initiative. Appreciate the worry. After all, it’s your making. You like scary films?

Yes. I indicate, you are stating no but you are generating them. Just they are not making money, that’s all. (Few Laugh) (Giggles) Fear indicates you’re producing scary movies in your mind. Nobody else agrees to enjoy. Tch … That misbehaves for the manufacturer, however you are generating them. So, you produce another thing – generate a comedy, a love story, suspense thriller – try and see today. Just sit down, create a romance, a suspense thriller, a funny – five 5 minutes flicks you make in your mind, really. Yes. Begin using your mind in a different way. It’s entered your pattern. It’s just gotten involved in your pattern of just creating horror movies regularly. You have seen enough scary films, they’re burning out. Produce something else. (Laughs) Also … It’s not that if you create these movies, those points will happen in your life. Still they might not happen. At the very least you take pleasure in the flick. (Giggles) In reality, it may not happen, so what? A minimum of you appreciate what’s occurring in your mind if you can not appreciate what’s happening on the planet, isn’t it?

That much advantage every person should have. Isn’t it so? Also if the globe is not type to him, at least his own mind must be kind to him – so produce some wonderful movies. (Giggles) tranquility is not the utmost objective of lifeit is one of the most fundamental requirementif you hold it as the ultimate objective in your lifeyou will just rest in tranquility

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    I needed to hear this. By far the best explanation on fear I’ve ever heard.

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  12. René Henriksen

    ” – You can´t overcome/win over something that does not exist!” So directly attacking the problem. Cool… The illusionary enemy is the toughest of all one could say. The only way to fight him is to not fight him… 😉

  13. when I am listening to sadhguru, I am feeling joy and ecstasy

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