#Londonrealarmy What can you do? Vitamins D C can help! – Dr Gundry, Dr Buttar, Dr Shiva and more.

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The Plant Paradox

I'm caring what Brian Rose is doing, I'm enjoying the #Londonrealarmy, the meetings and every little thing. A number of us are obtaining so much details, it's difficult to make sense of a great deal of it in these times. Which is why I assume self-confidence is truly a deciding consider this. You have to be able to trust your mind, your intestine or whatever it is that sends you messages.
I went out as well as obtained myself some extra vitamins as I have actually been doing my "research study":-RRB-.
I'm gon na run my vitamin C as well as D levels a little bit greater for a week or three and see just how I really feel, exactly how it exercises.
I'm actually interested exactly how other members of the London Real Army are getting ready or sustaining the movement besides erasing their linked in Accounts … One Love:-RRB-.

#VitaminC #VitaminD.

Does Vit C Help Resistance?
Dr Rashid A Buttar.

Vitamin D and immunity.
Dr. John Campbell.

I took the clip from:.

As I'm creating the summary Dr Shiva is premiering the link listed below live on his real network.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.

Dr SHIVA LIVE: How Vitamin D Protects YOU – Even More EVIDENCE & MSM Forced to Admit Reality.

Could Vitamin C Help with COVID-19?
Drbeen Medical Lectures.

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  1. ICKE 111
    3RD MAY:)

  2. What iu amount vit dD did you buy. I got 10.000 iu 260 tabs

  3. Mirsada Bilanović

    You better go out to sun for D and lemons, oranges C, carrot A

    • SoundKillaz Music Network

      You’re not wrong, but you know how much sun you need to get to get 2000 or 3000 IU of Vitamin D?
      How many lemons / oranges you need to eat to get the equivalent of 1000mg of vitamin C?
      We are all free to decide our own destiny and dietary plans.
      Are you trying anything different?
      Monitoring what you are trying to see the effects?
      Or making some actions for yourself?
      Are you thinking about things, coming to your own conclusions and conducting your own research and experiments?
      One love ? ❤️

    • @SoundKillaz Music Network thus the numbers youre being told you NEED, are flawed/set that high, so you buy their supplements that they still are in directly making a profit from

    • SoundKillaz Music Network

      @White Ghost you could be right, but I didn’t buy those crazy numbers, just got some stuff from my local pharmacy.

    • @SoundKillaz Music Network just saying. for instance, lifeguards in Hawaii reach nowhere the recommended numbers a lot of videos say you must be at, and theyre in the sun all day long. could be long term side effects from pills/supplements.

    • SoundKillaz Music Network

      @White Ghost I did actually want to do about some of the crazy numbers Gundry was talking about. I’d have to take an entire bottle of pills in one day to hit those levels. It’s insane. Nothing wrong with running your level a bit higher than normal to see how you feel though

  4. Only one reason why the media and CDC, WHO and UN and Gates and Rockefeller would be so hateful and partisan during this time where we have been attacked by an unseen enemy and that would be if they are behind this attack. Go back to Event 201 in NYC event in October and the same time the World Military Games in WUHAN CHINA in October put on by UN and NATO. Now take note of who was at Event 201 and remember them. Watch the event if you can find it online. Thousands maybe millions have copied and downloaded it. Here is who came and talked about controlling the message and the public by flooding the zones of information with THEIR message.
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WORLD BANK ( Rothschild and Rockefeller. Etc.). UN, WHO, CDC for USA and CDC FOR CHINA!
    THE CIA, Johns Hopkin’s University (MK ULTRA fame) Bloomberg Media, NBC, Media Simulation experts and George Soros NGOs

  5. Mulungay also known as moringa or nebadie has just about all you need. Eat it raw or in capsul form and get some sun ?❤??❤

  6. Love London Real, Love Brian Rose, and Love your message! Peace to the Godz, 1 Love!

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