Lifespan – David Sinclair, PhD (overview & thoughts)

I lately read "Life expectancy – Why We Age – and also Why We Don't Have To" by David A.Sinclair PhD, so I have made a video clip summarising the crucial messages from the book and additionally my thoughts and also point of views on it!

It was difficult to summarise every little thing in 12 mins without disclosing too much from guide, so you must go acquire as well as read guide on your own!

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  1. Nice video, still a problem with the microphone, but better than last video. Also In many countries Metformin is without prescription. Also loved your last video on aging, pity you dont get a bigger audience here on youtube, but maybe you can live forever, now that you know so much about reversing ageing 🙂

    • The Sheekey Science Show

      Thanks, am planning to get a new microphone soon which will hopefully fix the issue. And haha, if i ever reach 100, maybe will have a few more views by then.

  2. Thanks Sheeky, Lifespan is jampacked but really fascinating reading.

  3. Audio is very bad

  4. Nice video and work

  5. I loved this, you broke it down and made it easy to understand. Thank you!

  6. Ahmet Dizioglu


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