A Harvard Geneticist Is Extending Human Lifespan: David Sinclair, PhD | Rich Roll Podcast

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The Plant Paradox

Thanks for watching! Read all about David Sinclair, PhD below.

David Sinclair PhD is a biologist as well as Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical College, co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging as well as writer of the New york city Times bestseller "Lifespan: The Revolutionary Scientific research of Why We Age– and Why We Don't Have To".

Grabbing where our initial podcast ended (RRP # 436), this conversation even more explores the scientific research behind expanding human life-span.
Delight in!

✌ – Rich.

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  1. Chillout Meditation Music

    If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.

  2. This sounds similar to adrenachrome

  3. Dr. Sinclair, a humble genius. His sincerity to use his passion for science to help humanity is so inspiring! I also appreciate him keeping something so complex simple. Translating the science to make it pratical and doable e g. IF, excerise etc. Thank you !

  4. He keeps saying pianist and I keep thinking he’s saying something else? ??

  5. Low glycemic index foods are a win for me, I also agree with eating less meals. Another great cast, thank you!

  6. Maybe you could get David Sinclair on a 4 month rotation? The field is fascinating, and it’s moving so fast I can hardly keep up.

  7. I already got my genes turning back on thanks to a plant based diet and drinking redox signaling molecules everyday. But I will admit this guy looks great for his age with what he’s doing.

  8. Wow – I am so impressed by the choice of your guests … another very inspiring podcast – thank you Rich!!!

  9. I always enjoy listening to David talk. I started my longevity lifestyle when I was 38 and I’m 60 now and plan on going well past 100. If anyone asks me for advice and what I am doing, staying active is so important and spending plenty of time in Nature. I also refuse to work an indoor desk job and work a job that is physically demanding and also allows me to spend plenty of time in the beautiful outdoors, even during the long and cold Michigan winters. Sleep in the cold too, window open during the winter months. I won’t touch pharma drugs at all, but do take berberine. The list goes on and it’s almost like having another full time job. Great show! One more crucial thing, I avoid PUFA’s , staying with the good quality saturated fats.

  10. Restoring vision? Awesome! The government should be throwing money at this research. Incredible fantastic work.

    • Governments don’t care about human beings. They are essentially A.I.s with no real intelligence. I don’t understand why people expect them to do anything positive. You wouldn’t put SkyNet in charge of your life and it arguably has a real intelligence. All you need to do is take responsibility for your life and everyone does the same. People however don’t like to take responsibility for their lives and *choose* to rely on things like governments and then wonder why they commit so many atrocities.

    • @tbob bobsYes. Unfortunately that is true about governments.

  11. I wonder if mental challenges turn on longevity genes. I learned spanish last year, this year french. Got to keep learning!

  12. Artist and Painter Knut Andre Vikshåland

    the healthcare problem in the usa and the West in general is that people do not take care of themself , obesity is the main driver of a bad healthcare system, whant good healthcare , start living a healty life , then one has to use only 7% of what is used today , 93% of all healthcare problems is self inflicted. The fires is a result of not burning controled over many years … and yea climat will change , 5000 years ago europa was covered in ice and it will happend againg, and again and again … Make less new humans and make the living health and long lived is the cure , over time most people actualy get smarter 😉 David I love your work and talks , from the most oil produsing “sosialist contry in the world #Norway 🙂

    • I don’t think made-up statistics have a place in commenting on Sinclair’s interview, even though you apparently agree with his science. You forgot “most educated country in the world.” One of many reasons I remain skeptical about global warming is exactly because Norwary is the most educated, richest per capita country in the world, yet they produce more oil per capita than any other country. They know as much as any country that they are destroying the world, yet they can’t resist it.

  13. Just when I needed a recent video about David Sinclair you got it. Thank you very much!

  14. I wear a bicycle helmet, simply because, I get impulses to do crazy things on my bike rides. Listen to Dr. Daniel Amen’s talks on concussions.

  15. 1:22:22 When, I got to 6th grade, I was miles behind the starting line. I had to learn what they learned in the 1st grade and do 6th grade work, by 7th grade, I had pretty much caught up and in the 8th grade, the Decision making teach asked us what we wanted to do with our lives and I had heard about architecture. And during 8th grade, I designed a building. It was several stories and it had four wings, the elevators were on the outside of the building at the center between each wing.
    Lets go back to 5th grade, just like 4th grade the teachers didn’t know what to do with me, but, assign me to the next grade, well in 5th grade I saw spelling words, which at this time I didn’t even know how to read nor did I know the ABCs, yet, the next day. I was able to write the words down from what I saw in my head.
    Lets jump to 7th grade, I’m in track and my friend wants to race me, and after a couple of minutes of him doing stretching, we raced and I barely beat him. Now, lets look at what happened in basketball. Within ten seconds coach gives us directions. Not enough time to process what I’m about to do. The kid beside me is the fastest kid in school, he breaks records at track events. Coach blows his whistle and I don’t see the kid beside me, because, I’ve outrun him to get the ball.
    My point is this. We don’t want to get caught up in what we ca do and can’t do. We don;t want to process anything. We want to just let it happen. Once, you understand that there is no such thing as failure or success. And you can live in the calm, joyful state. You will begin to use everything that makes us very different fro any other species on this planet.

  16. The sensationalist media distorts science. This includes anthropomorphic carbon release as it relates to the world’s climate.

  17. Have been learning to eat right, intermittent fasting, joined Genesis gym to exercise, sauna, 3 minutes of cold shower and biting on a towel so I don’t scream out! Lol the cold does get easier after 30 seconds. Lost 40 lb since August, 20 or 30 more pounds to go, total lifestyle change thanks to David Sinclair

  18. He talks about looking at the past to see the future. And that people have always worried about overpopulation, and that technology will cause massive unemployment etc. Yet, that hasn’t happened. And then within 2 minutes, starts talking about unprecedented fires, and that the world has never been this chaotic, and billions need to be spent to stop it. Complete fucking disconnect.
    I’m glad he admitted he’s got no scientific understanding of these issues, just his feelings. If you want to see the fraud exposed, search Tony Heller on youtube.

    And Ray Cronise, deliver your book, it’s only 4 years past due.

  19. Cistus Incanus tea is one of the highest polyphenols on the planet. I wonder if David Sinclair has heard of this tea?

  20. they both have the same smooth top lip. weird coincidence.

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