Joe Rogan | Could Red Wine Be Beneficial to Your Health? w/ David Sinclair

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The Plant Paradox

Taken from JRE # 1349 w/David Sinclair:

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  1. Red, red wine goes to my head
    Makes me forget that I still need her so

  2. Joe “Why is that?” Rogan.

  3. “When that day comes we’ll need more wine than this”

  4. MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day!

    *Could DMT be beneficial to your Health?*

    • weepingod Um I’ve smoked dmt like 5 times and the effects are absolutely not permanent. In fact they last about 10 minutes lmao and it changes your perspective the way your perspective might be changed seeing the earth from space, or seeing someone give birth. That is the part that is “permanent”

    • @weepingod Haha I’ve drank Ayahuasca about 30 times….
      It’s all about the individual

    • Jake RH Anything that isn’t natural nor naturally consumed is harmful to your body.

    • Zepher Gaming DMT is natural. What is your definition of natural? It is an organic molecule derived from many plants in the wild….? Dmt is not synthetically made

  5. Why’s this guy look like he’s gonna eat your kids lol

  6. Joe “My wine grapes do DMT” Rogan

  7. Foods of colour

    Not coloured foods

  8. I inject CBD a little into my heroin

  9. Tip for longer healthier life:

    Soak your elk meat in red wine before cooking for 30 seconds.
    After cooking, season with DMT and acid tabs for a little kick.
    For dessert, sniff CBD while hitting a bong of weed for a relaxing chilled evening.

    Peace from Ireland.

  10. This guy 50 looking like he in his thirties.

  11. Colored foods? He’s racist. Case closed.

  12. middle aged women : yes wine yes every day hihihi.

  13. IQ of the comment section gets lower by the day.

  14. “When we opened up these mice, we put them to sleep.”

  15. “so why is that?”
    “yes, why is that”
    “Well, I’m glad you asked”
    This guy ?

  16. Captain Shiny sides of The HMS Bombastic

    No, red wine, in fact all wines are just a simulation.

  17. Imagine having this guy over for dinner and having to cook

  18. I drink my daily glass of wine with cocaine

  19. Joe “do u think DMT is healthier than red wine?” Rogan

  20. I want joe to invite David when hes 70.

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