A Cure for Ageing?: David Sinclair at TEDxSydney

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The Plant Paradox

Can we truly treat ageing? David Sinclair assumes so, and also he's going to try to show it.

David Sinclair is a researcher as well as entrepreneur working on enhancing human health and wellness, performance, and also lifespan. After co-discovering a molecular root cause of aging at the Massachusetts Institute in Boston in the mid-1990s, he joined the faculty of Harvard Medical College where he is now a tenured Teacher. In 2005, he established the Glenn Laboratories for Aging Research at Harvard and also acts as their Co-Director. He is also a Teacher at the Lowy Cancer Cells Centre at the College of New South Wales, Sydney.

His research study is focused on comprehending why we age as well as utilizing this expertise to stop and also treat both rare as well as common conditions. He is maybe best known for recognizing resveratrol from red wine as an anti-aging particle. He has actually founded 4 biotechnology business; to treat age-related diseases (Sirtris), boost female reproductive wellness and IVF (OvaScience), deal with kind 2 diabetes (Cohbar), and develop vaccinations versus jungle fever, chlamydia, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and cancer (Genocea).

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  1. keep your mind curious, keep learning ,..

  2. We can cure aging someday, but can we develop a cure for people being cunts?

  3. Hanne Lykke Poulsen

    Of course the medical industry wanted to silence him and shut off funding for science into delaying ageing – Cos ageing and disease is what the medical industry earns their money on!

    • Jamahiriya Infocleaner

      @Peter Racz
       Actually its possible to distribute the scientific products over internet nowadays . If a guy improved the antiaging meds and made them work he could sell them online .

    • Medicines have to go through several tests and administration. And okay he start to sell it online, but big companies can kill his reputation online as well. He must find a way to make them interested in his solution.

      For example everyone will buy these products for 2$/day which means 60$/month that might generate more income than people spend medicines nowdays in average. (I have no data about average medicine cost/person just said a number).

    • Kind of strange if you ask me – do the guys who head those companies like to die? Sorry, but if I had the choice of possibly living forever with less profit or a lot of profit but death around the corner? Yeah, I know what I’d do!

    • @DreamingFlurry well no one takes into consideration that the bad guys there have their own lives just like us and they fight for their immortality too

  4. I’m tired of mainstream medicine NOT considering aging a disease. Of course it’s a disease. Just because a certain degenerative condition effects EVERYONE doesn’t mean it’s NOT a disease. Thank you Dr. Sinclair for taking one this project.

    • Steve Garcia it’s beneficial for organisms to die naturally, it enhances evolution. Some creatures such as lobsters and jellyfish don’t age. So it is something we can cure.

    • Conrad Rideout you just say that because that is what we have been taught to accept. We don’t have to accept it.

    • Imagen if we could like 200years or longer we could live multiple career meet diff solar systems sertain project need multiple live to finish .

    • @Steve Garcia not all life on the planet, jellyfish are biologically immortal.

  5. Knowing my luck, aging will be cured the day after i die

  6. This is awesome, I wish David Sinclair the best of luck !

  7. if aging gets reversed, reproduction should too.

  8. The last thing in the world pharmaceuticals want is cures for diseases. The bottom would fall out of their profit machine. If we cured cancer The American Cancer Society would disappear and those Doctors and scientist would be out a job and broke. Just one example. Pharmaceuticals want all Americans sick and on drugs. With plenty of profit. Pharmaceuticals HATE people like this man.

    • frank whelan the age of curing diseases is long gone. we are in the age of treating disease. much more money in that.

    • Maria Lourdes Cleofe-Menor-Mendoza

      as long as life extending can be packed in marketable pills, big pharma will sell it for big bucks. rich people will live long lives, poor ones will die and live miserably. it’s going to be the next big evolutionary step, unless we’ll regulate it, but that my friend, yes, big pharma will fight. Plus, we’ll need to re-think population control if we extend our lives.

    • He did mention caloric restriction which has been clinically proven to extend life. At 58, just 6 weeks ago I went on the scientific 6/18 eating plan. I fast for 16 hours including sleep and eat only between 8 hours/ I don’t weigh myself (no scale) but I am steadily losing inches. My body is eating my fat four hours a day.

    • Vince Cyril q

  9. David Sinclair’s discovery must pose a threat to the monetary objectives of the Pharmaceutical companies, who are the greatest producers of synthetic toxic medicines on the planet which in turn contribute to rapid ageing.

    • Guess you’re somehow in contact with all and only wrong young people. ones evidently raised and mentored by cretins. Of all those I know, countless many, from all walks of life, the only ones who’ve grown or are growing to expect things to be given to them are those who’ve been guided by narrow minded and/or strictly self-serving, dollar seeking, greedy adults.

      Young people love learning and welcome inspiration and guidance in learning. And once they’ve been exposed to reasons and reward in doing so, while achieving their own successes, they’re also happy with helping others find and open doors to opportunity. They’re not so ego driven as to lose sight of what’s been beneficial and ways in which their ambitions have been served, or how they’ve been assisted along the way.

      No man is an island, no one comes up in to adult worlds and establishes success without getting breaks along the way, without some sorts of beneficial guidance and assistance. Whether it’s food and water, and a table to eat on, or clothes in the closet, and warm bed to sleep in, or someone to remind them now and then to set the alarm clock for school, and maybe help them with hard homework assignments, or to make sure they don’t suffer through financial burden and a lifetime of payments if they fracture a leg in gym class, young people are humble enough to grasp reality as to whats benefited their lives. They’re perceptive enough to realize how mankind’s suffering affects mankind. They’re decent enough to care and to do something about it.

    • Actually the Pharmaceutical “mob” would prefer that you didn’t die, but instead hover close to death….neither well, nor dead. The perfect equation for
      big Pharma gluttony.

    • spindaella Your absolutely right today there called socialists.

    • isn’t one of the things he mentions against aging is a drug called Metformin, pretty sure thats still big pharma, no?

  10. Once again… big pharma protects their market share.

  11. #supportSENSfoundation we need to move this hashtag through the youtuber’s channel to incourage people to donate!..

  12. Looks like big pharma doesn’t want you to proceed.

  13. I hope they develop this fast enough before i die… i never want to die.

  14. spending lots of time on YouTube causes ageing

  15. “We die, so that others can be born,
    We age, so that others can be young,
    The point of life is live,
    Love if you can
    Then pass it on”

  16. I’d love to live forever to see as much of this incredible universe, as long as ‘Everyone’ can choose to live well as long as they choose? Not only the rich…

  17. Is there anyone in 2019?

    • Ljekarna Dajkovic

      I’m Entrepreneur sorry, English is my 4th language, didn’t quite get what you meant with that phrase… I’ve been listening to this guy for a while… if his 2019 look is thank to what he is preaching (supplements, medication, lifestyle) , that’s absolutely remarkable if not astonishing, if it’s vulgar botox than I guess it’s sort of pathetic…

    • Ljekarna Dajkovic

      This guy is whether a genius or a snake oil salesman… still trying to figure out which one of the two…

    • Napat Thamahathai

      @Ljekarna Dajkovic As a whole, he seems to be really younger and healthy in 2019 not just a less wringled skin. In this vdo, he seems to look tired all the time.

    • No, we all died.

  18. We are programmed to age and die, we need to reprogram our DNA without aging.

  19. This is 2013, and on Joe Rogan show he looks younger. So his science is working

  20. 6 years later and if you see him now he looks younger at 51….. This man discovered something…..

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