This Harvard Professor Explains the Secret to Aging in Reverse | David Sinclair on Health Theory

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The Plant Paradox

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Harvard teacher David Sinclair thinks that not just can we slow down maturing down, we can really reverse it. On this episode of Health Concept with Tom Bilyeu, David Sinclair explains the 3 degrees of aging, and what can be done on each level. He explains the lifestyle adjustments that slow maturing down, the drug treatments that begin to quit maturing, as well as speculative brand-new procedures that may really turn around aging once they are completely created.


David explains the details concept of aging [0:59] David discusses the distinction between genes as well as the epigenome [2:17] David describes the manner in which cell tension creates maturing [5:20] David describes what healthy proteins are and exactly how they function [6:40] David advises way of living modifications to reduce or turn around aging [9:14] David advises stressing the system by regular fasting [10:52] David clarifies why we do not live as long as whales [15:01] David defines resetting the biological rhythm [16:16] David explains exactly how to tell when somebody is going to pass away [18:47] David describes why individuals are taking metformin [20:03] David shares his program of exercise as well as metformin [24:18] David promotes cold exposure [25:28] David discusses job he's done to attempt to reset the aging clock [29:01] David clarifies why you don't wish to transform the cellular clock back too much [31:37] David defines the actual process of reversing aging in masses of cells [33:20] David talks about some outcomes with computer mice that appear to turn around aging [36:40] David shares his father's tale of metformin and also NMN use [38:10] David clarifies the impacts of resveratrol [39:07] David describes the sort of testing he advocates [43:13] David shares the influence he intends to carry the world [45:44] FOLLOW DAVID:


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  1. Love the ticker marker at the bottom of the screen that shows order of topics. ?

  2. I didn’t hear anything mentioned about sleep quality! All the sci-fi stuff and fancy diets in the world would be useless without enough quality sleep.

    • I'm the captain now

      sleep quality differs from person to person. Some can go on 6 hours per 24 hours and live to a 100. Others need 10+ hours at least or theyre zombies. Theres nothing wrong physically per say its just genetics. But youd rather sleep less if your body lets you. But first you gotta rule out all external factors that may make you sleep longer. Like overworked/exhausted. Bad diet. Lack of vitamins/minerals. Taking one nap doesnt make up for weeks/months of lack of sleep. Takes at least a week of napping for 1-2 hrs to get the mojo back.

    • @Vera R. That’s b.s. no one feels good with that little sleep.

    • @SIR WAFFLEBOB Are you serious?

    • @sony so no. I was just repeating what dan pena said lol. Everything that happens to you is basically a result of mental weakness. According to him and david goggins.

  3. Intermittent fasting, no sugar, few carbs, gym, …that’s the whole secret. you are welcome

    • bellasue02 look at pics when he went into office and when he came out . That’s all stress

    • @meow well i heard someone talk about the sun lamp mess, not sure what its about but it sounds like the sun in a light type ordeal. D3 in pill form sounds fine since people are saying they take it, my sister and ma takes it and they report its many others do who live in colder climates but u have to have k2, magnesium glycinate, zinc..and its good to have a good multi-vitamin with it with boron, chromium, potassium, calcium, copper etc.

    • also expose to cold, warm and metformin

    • God BLESS you!

    • Carbs are amazing for workout performance

  4. The interviewer looks older than the professor… suspicious -.-

  5. Aging has been around for ages

  6. “I actually spent most of my 30s and 40s not exercising at all”…the joys of being a junior PI

  7. So basically intermittent fasting, weight lifting, running and resting will keep you younger.

    • ​@Seb B I thought we are talking about being ideally healthy here. So your choices are not for health. 1 gram for lbs is more than needed, it is ca. double what is needed.
      Depending on your size, I can understand, that amount is nothing crazy, it is quite US average (I’m at the other side of globe,, I don’t know) but average is not healthy – but in powder form protein is never ideal. If the food is administered in some refined form, that is showing that it is out of proportions – macros are out of proportions. Could be of help for top athletes, top sports, hard muscle work but those professions cannot be perfectly healthy.

      Muscle needs carbs to grow and burn. Protein is needed mostly for repairs. 40 – 100 g (women included) for day is enough.
      I agree that 135g is not far off though. But that amount fits a hard work or regular hard exercises that one shouldn’t maintain for entire life – would be quite healthy, even healthier than maybe 97% of americans but just not ideal.

    • @musaire Yeah, my priority is not perfect health but rather to build muscle mass and strength. Muscle mass being the priority rather than strength. I can tell you after all these years of weight lifting, you hit your natural limits very quickly and the only way to go beyond them is to be even unhealthier by taking performance enhancing drugs. Which is very common in most sports actually. Not just the Russians in the Olympics lol. Most top atheletes from all over the world are taking drugs and all sorts of supplements and almost all of the bodybuilders you see on Youtube are. You cannot keep pushing your body past its limits and hope to be functional for very long unless you’re on drugs.

      I do high volume (multiple sets), heavy load workouts for 40 minutes with little rest in between sets, three times a week. But I don’t lift to muscle failure anymore and I didn’t get to that level over night but gradually over the years. Eventhough the weight I lift for each exercise targeting different muscles is high, it does not even come to close to what pro-bodybuilders lift. There’s a point in the year where I feel exhausted from week after week of working out like that and I take a week or two off. I will push my body to what I feel I can take, but I am sensible about it and can feel when it is hurting rather than helping. You feel exhausted, angry, can’t sleep or think properly and so on. Over the years I found that lifting a heavy weight without going to muscle failure but rather spreading the repetitions over multiple sets is better and more effective than exhausting the muscle in the first two sets.

      Sorry for all the weight lifting talk but it’s just to show that the amount of protein I take is necessary for what I am doing. But I agree it is not the healthiest diet. Regarding the protein powder, I know by experience that if I don’t stick to the 1 gram per pound of lean mass (fat-free mass) I will lose muscle mass and just end up looking skinny. I know because i have made that mistake before many years ago. Ended up so weak after months of dieting and eating non-processed food, it was depressing. But whenever I stick to the recommended 1 gram per pound, regardless of the protein source, most of my strength and muscle mass stays when dieting to lose body fat.

      So I don’t blindly trust the research. I try it out and see for myself and go with what works. I agree it would be better to get protein from a non-processed source but as you remarked I need to be able to get my protein intake requirement while at the same time keeping the calories low or rather at the proper level, especially when dieting. And that is harder without protein powder. It’s either my plates of food will be over 50% meat and the rest low starch, and therefore low carbs, or I can drink protein powder (which has a ratio of higher protein and lower calories) and have more calories left to eat carbs and fats. I balance it. I eat beans or meat, with starch and vegetables every meal and two scoops of protein powder a day as supplements. One in the morning and another in the evening.

    • @musaire You rich bastard

    • I with add no animal protein… No meat…. ?

    • Good genetics help a lot too, but you are correct.

  8. Only when you lose the fear of death can you truly start to live.

    • @Scoot Jockey My point was too much emphasis is placed on the earth life which is just a stepping stone. I simply cannot understand why anyone would want to reverse aging. Life after death is a fact and studies show it is a hell of a lot better than the fucked up world we live in today, look at the idiot you have for USA president for example. , Your comment peaked my interest. To make such a bold statement, I have to ask where did you do your research to come to these conclusions? The answer would be millions of people. I have written five books on the subject. But…….if you mind is closed it is like trying to open a tin of sardines after the lip is broken off.
      Independent EEG studies have confirmed that the brain’s electrical activity, and hence brain function, ceases at that time. But seven out of 63 (11 per cent) of the Southampton patients who survived their cardiac arrest recalled emotions and visions during unconsciousness.”
      Interestingly, the old challenge from sceptical scientists that after-death experiences were simply the result of near-death hallucinations caused by medication or oxygen-starvation are now just about completely refuted. The quoted report of the University of Southampton research briefly also raises this same point:
      “…There are currently three explanations for these accounts. The first is physiological; that the hallucinations patients experience is due to disturbed brain chemistry caused by drug treatment, a lack of oxygen or changes in carbon dioxide levels.

      In the Southampton University study none of the four patients who had near-death experiences had low levels of oxygen or received any unusual combination of drugs during their resuscitation.”
      It might also be added that ‘technically after death’ consciousness experiences right across many countries and cultures show a remarkable similarity –
      Dr Kenneth Ring Ph.D, who is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Connecticut, and Sharon Cooper completed a two-year study into the NDEs of the blind. They published their findings in a 1999 book entitled “Mindsight” in which they documented the solid evidence of 31 cases in which blind people report visually accurate information obtained during an NDE. Perhaps the best example in his study is that of a forty-five year old blind woman by the name of Vicki Umipeg. Vicki was born blind, her optic nerve having been completely destroyed at birth because of an excess of oxygen she received in the incubator. Yet, she appears to have been able to see during her NDE. Her story is a particularly clear instance of how NDEs of the congenitally blind can unfold in precisely the same way as do those of sighted persons.
      Oops, Joe. I guess you never read this material. Why is change so threatening? Because as Michael Glickman has said, “Everybody wants everything to be the way it was yesterday”.
      The truth is, that many of the psychology researchers who are involved in these studies into near-death and after-death consciousness claims have a strong Christian background but they have been finding that when they want to discuss their increasingly amazing findings with Christian ministers and writers they are having the door slammed in their faces! Is that not incredible? Many times some of the results of this research is only being carefully documented on psychic-type, New Age and even occult-type websites because Christians will still not discuss or openly acknowledge some of these things! Of course, the fact that much of the available research data is now posted on psychic-type websites just continues to perpetuate the belief of many Christians, especially evangelical Christians, that this whole area is somehow associated with the activity of demons! Moreover, once perfectly honest claims get in the hands of supporters of things like the occult and reincarnation there is always a serious danger of such claims being “embroidered” – and I have no doubt that this has occasionally happened.
      What we can say is that it is surely time that evangelical Christianity opened its eyes on this subject and started to consider the real possibility that a phenomenon which is so world-wide and which so many people have experienced (yes, and which so many have strongly associated with heaven and with Jesus, even if they had not previously been religious-types – they do not usually associate the experience with demons!), may have real validity?
      Some of the most interesting information on verifiable after-death consciousness experiences has been gathered by Dr Melvin Morse who is Associate Professor of Pediatrics at The University of Washington. Dr Morse has studied near-death experiences in children for 15 years and is the author of several books on the subject. In 1982, while a Fellow for the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Morse was working in a clinic in Pocatello, Idaho. He was called to revive a young girl who nearly died in a community swimming pool. She had had no heart beat for 19 minutes, yet completely recovered. She was able to recount many details of her own resuscitation, and then said that she was taken down a brick lined tunnel to a heavenly place. When Dr. Morse showed his obvious skepticism, she patted him shyly on the hand and said: “Don’t worry, Dr. Morse, heaven is fun!.”
      I guess Joe missed that one too. There is no experience like a first hand experience and I have had many of them. I have had sittings with many mediums, some good some not so good. I have to concede that some mediums are blatant frauds but that does not water down the evidence for the good ones. I am reminded of Stanton Friedman´s comment, “Some UFOs are alien spacecraft. Most are not, but I don´t care about those. Not all isotopes are fissionable, I don´t care about those either.” Thanks Stan.


    • are you dead yet

    • Everything you want, is on the other side of your fear.

  9. I was wondering what Christian Slater was up to these days.

  10. You never see any FAT 90 year olds, that’s all the proof you need.

  11. The problem is we are being told to eat 3 meals a day instead of just eat when your hungry.

  12. If they could regrow teeth, the dental industry would collapse.

    • I guess you have to trick your mind into thinking that you’re at the age of around 7ish (or when teeth grows permanently) then I guess that might be possible. It’s done that before so it should be able to do that again.

    • TVGirlfriends dressingservice

      @courtnee nicolee no we don’t kids have an extra set of teeth behind the kids teeth. google it, looks very freaky.

    • fuc that, all industries are destroyed by arrival of new and better methods and ways

    • In theory we can… I’m still working on figuring it out for myself…20 + years and counting…the only thing I was able to do is keep the teeth that I had left ever since, that’s pretty amazing ?? after stopping to use flouridated toothpaste and only brushing my teeth once every night…plus a few other good habits and keep in mind I never stopped eating sweets…lots of sugar… which screw other parts of the body but no my teeth anymore…I always eat sweet stuff with a black coffee or tea obviously without sugar in it

  13. I am 20. Gonna try those methods.. Guys, wait for my feedback 30 years later!

  14. This is probably my favorite interview with Dr Sinclair. He is so articulate and explains things very well. Thanks you sir!!

  15. The secret is to wait for the kids to grow up and leave home. Lol

  16. Sanchitha Seshadri

    Um, nobody gonna mention how crazy young he looks himself? :O

  17. the thing is…people don’t want to live forever, they want to be young forever. Big difference!

  18. I’m 40 and i started doing this 15 years ago, unfortunately i reversed my aging for 15 years and now i am like 10 years old. I have to go through puberty again and i hated that part of my life..!!

  19. He looks so young compared to the one where he did TED talk about 7 years ago. Here his face is glowing n no wrinkle…

  20. I need to reset my memory. I need to delete last 10 years of my life.

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