PROFESSOR DAVID SINCLAIR | Can Humans Live For 1000 Years? | Modern Wisdom Podcast #066

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The Plant Paradox

David Sinclair is a Professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical Institution as well as co-Director of the Paul Glenn Centre for the Organic Devices of Ageing.

Today we learn through a scientist at the reducing side of longevity study as Teacher Sinclair offers us an interesting insight into the world of anti-ageing.

Anticipate to learn exactly how and also why we age, why stabilising the epigenetic landscape might make it possible for a human to live for 1000 years, exactly what tactics Professor Sinclair is using himself to try as well as prolong his life as well as just how fasting, Sirtuins as well as NAD can be used to advertise health and decrease illness.

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  1. Appreciate that Dr. Sinclair is doing a lot, spin-offs, etc., to expand and progress aging research. Have followed his work for many years.

  2. Stop touching the freaking microphone. WTH.

    • Hes got a phallic fixation. Would you rather he kept touching his little peepee?

    • @SoulfulDotNL not upset, just saying it is annoying and disrespectful to multitask when someone is talking to you, you are supposed to be looking into the other person eyes and listen.

    • @Modern Wisdom Next time dont changing it continuously than one setup will fix it in the post production, im just saying 😉

    • @Scott Summerill: LOL!!… you got a pretty simple comment and I found it funny!…WTH…peace

  3. Good question and better answer start at 33:00 , welcome .

  4. Ambient Infinite Video AIV

    Great topic and interview. Advice: Take good care of your health all of your life. Also, a proper diet, optimized rest, fitness, and healthy relationships are the keys to increase your longevity. Love is good for the soul too.

  5. sailingmylifeaway

    Your alive for 1,000 years. You get caught smoking a joint at 20 in Texas. You get a life sentence.

    • @x tian
      They know better, they just don’t care. Their insatiable need to feed their narcissism via reproduction is more important.

    • TasteMyStinkhole SUE THEM!

    • InTheName OfTruth

      I think the exact same way… People are idiots. The real name of god is Stomach. Each living thing feeds on other living thing. The system is closed – generates itself and it feeds on itself.
      God is an rapist. Sexuality is the instrument that makes sure we bring new fresh food into this system.

    • InTheName OfTruth

      @x tian CAPERNAUM!

    • @TasteMyStinkhole you need help. You’ve lost the plot. Let me guess, you’re a gender neutral weirdo?

  6. When are the human trials? Sign me up!

  7. traffic is bad enough imagine how slow it will be when all thoes 850 year olds are behind the wheel or 712 year old cashier . food will spoil in the line up.

    • Those 180 year old’s graduating High School and texting while driving are the dangerous ones.

    • Those 180 year old’s graduating High School and texting while driving are the dangerous ones.


      Nobody will be driving even in 30 years once self driving cars takeover. The Food dilemma I’m not sure about that one. I mean humans tend to find a way for solutions for the most part.

    • The best thing is they will actually be young and healthy til death instead of sick half their life and decrepit for 1/4 like many are.

  8. International Watching Lion

    You are all invited to the Greatest Party on Earth that I will be organizing. See ya all in 3019!!!

  9. Stop fidgeting with the microphone. It’s fine.

  10. Elites Disappoint

    could’ve done the asking questions thing better, could’ve been really insightful. butchered it

  11. Brenda Beamer Ford

    ” only when it’s broken do we learn how to fix it, only when it’s sick do we learn how to heal it, only when it dies do we learn how to make it live”
    Thank you for your amazing work!!!

  12. so actualy, if you want to live longer, you have to do things what makes you feel alive.

  13. This interview somehow was not as good as the joe rogan. It repeated the same stuff and it did not go into further details, with some exceptions. The interviewer makes too many distracting points that sometimes stops the answer

  14. What an absolutely incredible human being. Thank you so much David A Sinclair. You are a gift to this planet.

  15. Keep in mind-
    The guy being interviewed is 50.

    • So that’s that

      emmas816 hey there, while yes part of the anti-aging science does say that nutrition and healthy living can make you PHYSICALLY age slower, most of what David is talking about is anti-aging at the cellular level. His skin (despite being an organ) still has to brave the elements and will loose elasticity but his internal organs, brain and so forth are functioning much younger hence anti-aging. It’s not really about looks, the beauty industry has overtaken that phrase & made it about that. Tho the Doc does still pretty good for 50 even if he looks 50.

    • @So that’s that ,the quality of skin reflects the health of internal organs , Roy Walford thought he was keeping all aging markers great, wrote a book how to live till 120, but died at 80, now his daughter following his steps , scroll this video to 7m22s she is proudly announcing she is 56

    • The best anti aging product for skin is melatonin. You can buy some melatonin in liquid spray form and add 1 or 2 pssit in your moisturizer. Better if you add some b3 and resveratrol serum from The Ordinary (+- 7 euros each). It works because it turns white fat into brown fat. Give it a try and come back here in 3 to 6 months for your feedback.

    • @emmas816 the “quality” of skin has 0 to do with the health of internal organs, I have no idea where you pulled that BS out of but I’m guessing your behind. Furthermore, what he looks like is just your opinion, I wouldn’t say he’s a day over 40 and I’ve asked a couple of other people to guess and they said 38-40 so there’s that. As for whoever this Ray Walford is and his story it really does show you failed to understand the discussion being had here. What he’s talking about isn’t going to guarantee you’ll live to 100. It will slow certain aspects of aging. Someone doing all the right things (assuming this Ray guy was even doing the same things David is talking about) could still easily die at a “young” age. Perhaps if he hadn’t done all that he would’ve died at 60. But we can’t know that, and that’s a very unscientific way to view such issues. They should be viewed through the lens of statistics and probabilities rather than anecdotes and examples. Perhaps this topic is not for you 🙂 Cheers.

    • @emmas816 thats a bad lighting picture, anyone could look bad under certain lightings. plus he’s smiling, wrinkles will be more prominent. He looks more like he’s about 40. i do believe he could be hair dying though. either way, the supplements he’s taking isn’t the final stage, still a lot of progress to be made. pretty sure he hasn’t been taking them for THAT long either.

  16. OmniversoSinDios

    wait, what? he es almost 50? looks like early 30

    • My NMN Experiment

      He certainly does look good for 50, he puts it down to a good diet and exercise as well as taking NMN, Metformin and Resveratrol.

  17. 33:18 starts talking about longevity measures

  18. Braddock E. Hutton

    @52:50 His daily regiment

  19. David Sinclair you sir are an incredible asset to humanity thank you for all your work

  20. Fascinating interview.
    I’m almost 40 years old and is always on the look out for new information on healthy living, longevity, and aging gracefully.

    Health is wealth.

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