How Do Posture Correctors Work?

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In this video clip we explain just how our Body Architec Stance Corrector functions & address some misunderstandings regarding using stance correctors. We additionally show how to utilize the included perk resistance band.

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  1. barely came out?

  2. Straight up reading off of a board to the right of the camera

  3. Thanks for the info. Will the posture corrector eventually fix bad posture eventually eliminating the need for it?

  4. Haymkarran S Bhalla

    thankyou so much for this video. God bless.

  5. I was considering getting one because I always put off or forget to do exercises to correct my posture.

  6. omg i have that same map

  7. How much time we should wear a posture corrector??? Can anyone tell me??!

  8. Thanx for video, great tutorial ?

  9. Fascination land

    why his chest so far out

  10. Thanks

  11. Great video man, they work great when training,

  12. Nice informative vid??
    As far as braces, I’d go with hands down.
    I went through a couple of these things, one was poorly made, one cut under my arms but the last one I got is loveee. It was also pretty cheap ??????

  13. I got that same shirt. I’m gonna buy this now.

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