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Aging | This Lifespan Book Will Change Your Life

Dr. David Sinclair discusses his book “Lifespan: Why We Age– and Why We Do not Have To,” which says aging is a condition that can be dealt with.


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Book Lifespan By David Sinclair

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  1. Good morning America brilliant god bless .

  2. Wrong! The first anti aging drug is human growth hormone. Metformin could be called the second one but it’s not as good as hgh!

  3. Yeeeeaaaah buddy. Lightweight baby.

  4. I heard that psychological stress shortens the ends of telomeres…which decreases lifespan. So physical stress increases lifespan? And I have to take in less calories…and eat only during certain times of the day? Trying to figure out how to live a longer life and implementing it will put me in an early grave.

    • To be very clear, it’s not prolonged stress, it’s a short period of stress, such as being hungry once a day which works good for intermittent fasting, or HITT which intends to do high intensity training over a short period.

      David Sinclair takes Metformin (anti diabetic drug) and NMN (which is a precursor to NAD in the body). NR (another precursor, but cheaper) essentially does the same job. He just had a podcast with Joe Rogan yesterday which explains a bit about how he takes it.

    • Trucidare – Ah, ok. Thanks for the tidbit.

    • @Trucidare good summary.

    • @C-light His latest interview with Rhonda Patrick is great.

  5. Dang! Very unexpected! Thanks a lot GMA for doing this!!! +1 +1 +1

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  6. Resveratrol – DHEA – Metformin – HGH and other supplements. Combined with intermittent fasting – spaced exercise – caloric restriction – and you too can live to be old – alone – sad / depressed and/or get run over by a truck.

  7. I’m sick of these Scientists trying to stay relevant, and not accomplishing a damn thing in the aging field. David hasn’t accomplished anything associated with the aging field, we are still decaying. Aging is killing us all, yet David says the anti aging Science is mind blowing. Where is it David? Get on with accomplishing something relevant, because getting old sucks.

  8. Good I hate this book what a waste

  9. SALESPRODUCTIONS, you are exactly right. These people aren’t doing anything in the aging field, but lining their pockets. We just live too damn long, and 45 should be the cutoff. Living too long feels horrible everyday. There’s no need of living till ninety to decay everyday. It hurts

    • Vicky, that’s exactly what this research aims to alleviate — decay! Longevity research is already helping people live vital, active lives well past your expiry date of 45, which seems a strange, sad cutoff. I’m 56 and feel great, and yes, I have been following a longevity protocol for about five years now. My blood markers indicate I’m biologically 46. I’m quite optimistic about the future, thanks to researchers like Dr. Sinclair. I hope you do some research into this expanding field so you can feel better, truly.

    • Ah Vicky, trolling again.

    • @Flash Gordon Vicky is a ‘glass of suicide pills half empty’ kinda soul.

  10. Does he look 22? I don’t think so, but people buy the emperor’s clothes and they are happy with that

    • It’s not about “looking 22.” It’s about staying healthy well into very late old age, rather than living the last third of your life in pain, decrepit, and struggling. It’s about extending healthspan.

  11. Waiting for my homie david’s medicine

  12. I can see why some people are criticised for wanting this anti-ageing science because it seems selfish as people want to look better and all that… but the reason I would jump on the opportunity to live into my 100s and beyond is because of the advances in the human race I will witness and the achievements and knowledge I can gain and contribute to helping the world.
    Yes, I’m a huge optimist, but anti-ageing should be about the good we can bring to the world through knowledge. And of course this will only interest some people. Most people are already done with life by their 80s anyway. But not all. I want to experience every career, read every book, educate millions and reach the stars.

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