3 Factors to Consider When Buying NMN

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NMN Forum:

So, two concerns that turn up time and time again are where to purchase NMN from and also can I suggest a distributor?

Undoubtedly, I can’t recommend just one, yet I can reveal you a few of the things to think about when picking your distributor and some points I have seen when browsing NMN vendor internet sites that have actually triggered me some worry.

Please, if there are any kind of various other factors that ought to be thought about, in your viewpoint, please create them listed below so everybody can profit.

So thankfully, it’s a PowerPoint presentation, so say goodbye to of my unsightly mug, allow’s obtain straight right into it.

NMN is the pre-cursor to NAD+, so what you may state?

Well NAD+ is utilized to power out metabolism; merely it turns our food into power.

NAD+ is also in charge of regulating the genetics that power the aging process, as we grow older our NAD levels drop so the aging genetics are permitted to continue untreated; ergo we age, the reduced the levels the quicker we age. Dr. David Sinclair claims that research has revealed that by the time we are 50 we have FIFTY PERCENT the degrees we did when were 20! By increasing NAD via NMN we can kick-start those genes once again as well as get them to decrease the aging process.

Book Lifespan By David Sinclair

nad+ precursor nicotinamide mononucleotide

More about NAD + Precursor Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) & Resveratrol

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Video clip: Pexels, Oscar Fee Wang
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  1. I know you said you won’t recommend a supplier but couldn’t you list a few that have passed your research as you have already done this already? Please please please 🙂

  2. Great video! Thanks for doing all the footwork!

    • My NMN Experiment

      Hi Heidi, thanks for your supportive comments, it means a lot to me.
      I wish you and yours a Happy and Prosperous 2020!

  3. Happy new year to you and your family ! Keep up your inspiring work ! I’d like to support you and your effort because i benefit from your work, so please consider to open a donation account. So you can keep researching independently in the future,

  4. Vince, you’re looking great! Whatever you’re doing…keep it up! BTW, I know you can’t recommend a brand to us, but what are you personally taking?

  5. Very informative video. Thank you for your effort! Happy New Year.

  6. Great and efficient job again. Thanks

  7. Hi Vince, Happy New Year to you! Great video as per usual. I’ve settled on using Nutrival’s products for now, which I stumbled across on eBay. UK company based in Truro with bricks & mortar and a phone number. Fancy that… no guarantee of anything of course but a tad more reassuring. Not cheap at 49 quid a pop for 30 capsules but the one I get is rated at 500mg. Like you I’ve just upped my dosage to 1 gram per day so I’m looking at 98 quid per month. Ouch. Pondering importing direct from China via Alibaba but wary of getting into a drama with UK Customs & Excise. Keep up the good work man! All the best

    • My NMN Experiment

      Hi T Rex, thanks for the kind words and a Happy New Year to you and yours.
      98 quid is about $130, so still cheaper than Alive by nature for the month.
      You taking Resveratrol too?

    • @My NMN Experiment Yes mate, in pill form with a hint of black pepper in the pill. From a company called Pureclinica. Saying that a few days ago I saw a few articles and videos discussing “micronized” resveratrol which supposedly does a better job of being absorbed by the body than the regular. Do you have any info on it? Cheers

    • My NMN Experiment

      @T Rex Not yet, I will look into Trans and micronised when my current batch is getting low.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the results of all your hard work!

  9. Thanks for the information! Please review Herbalcart NMN too, I am using it from the last 2 months and I felt it worked well for me.

    • My NMN Experiment

      Hi Maxwell, thanks for the supportive comments; very much appreciated.
      Yes I will check out Herbalcart NMN.

  10. Hey Vince. Thanks for the encouragement with the spreadsheet, will keep trying to add to it when I get time.

    Have set up a forum at:

    In case people want a place to discuss things further. YouTube is great too, but it can be a bit disorganized/transient.

    Not sure the forum idea will take off, and that’s fine if it doesn’t, but thought it’s worth a try?

    *If* it does work, and you end up signing up for it, ping me on here (or there) and I’ll set you up as an admin type user on the forum.

  11. thank you for your objective view. do you always take 1 mg of NMN. Would 0,5 mg work as well or i would just waste my time and money and the special active threshold must be achieved

    • My NMN Experiment

      Hi Eviya, nobody really knows, suppliers put anything from 125mg to 500mg a day on their bottles, but that is just a guess. We won’t know until many human studies are completed, so people on this channel take 500mg a day and say they can feel/see the effects.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing our work, and happy new year, if I’m not too late 🙂
    One aspect I miss in your video is the fact that, when one decides to take NMN, it’s not a short term buy but a long term one. The good thing about NMN is that one feels its effects after a while (a month or two), which does not apply to most other supplements (resveratrol, for example). Therefore, I think the changes that one feels when taking NMN are of importance in choosing a brand. This is especially true because the effects of most supplements vary from one individual to the other.
    I would recommend to first buy a small amount from a specific brand (after having done the homework you suggest, of course), and then, If one feels a clearly positive result, I would advise them to remain faithful to that brand.

    • My NMN Experiment

      Hi Ren, thanks for your comment.
      I couldn’t agree more, it is important to ‘find your brand’ as you say the effects may take a few months to become apparent, but then it has to be taken for years, according to David Sinclair, for the effects to be such that aging is slowed or even reversed.

  13. Marina richardson

    Chris Masterjohn have a good video on this subject

  14. LifeSpan AntiAging

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    For Contaminant info. I think there are all contaminated but at very low level, so I believe that some Certificate of Analysis (COA) just simply ignore those details. Then, we should not conclude that Heavy Metals are “Not Detected” or “None Found.”

    Besides Amazon, you may also find NMN on ebay.com which I found 2 products that I would encourage consumers to investigate further:

    1. Nutopia: NMN Pure Potency 500mg/Serve
    – Pro:
    o Attractive price,
    o GMP Claimed, Made in USA Claimed,
    o available also on AMAZON, having few positive reviews on Amazon and many on Ebay,
    o units sold/day is quite high due to low price,
    – Con:
    o Not show COA on ebay, you need to ask the seller directly, it seems that COA was not issued by a test lab. in USA as there are Chinese signatures and Chinese logo stamped on the COA,
    o The COA header is from Allaboutnaturals.com owned by a Chinese doctor, very little details about Nutopia Inc. However, I would assume that Nutopia Inc. and Allaboutnaturals.com may relate in some ways since these 2 companies are in Salt Lake, UT. USA.
    o With little details of Nutopia, Inc. I would still doubt about GMP and Made in USA Claims.

    – Pro:
    o Well-known supplier on ebay with very high rating, 3rd Party Certificate of Analysis shown on its website https://www.nutrivitashop.com/
    o Sell in Bulk, good price since the packaging cost is low (approx. $5.4/g),
    o Many options on product package size,
    o There are other products from Nutrivitashop which are all supplement related products, good credit on its core business,
    – Con:
    o No GMP Claimed,
    o COA indicated only purity of NMN without showing contaminants

    o No reviews/feedback from customers, difficult to decide whether the product is convincing (please someone try this brand and give me feedbacks)
    o Not available on Amazon,

  15. Great video with concise, practical information. Thank you.

  16. Thanks again mate. the last one(and the first one) I bought is from nutriop it s about 70 bucks. so anyone knows about it let me know:

  17. Great work!!

  18. It would be nice to see comparisons. I’ve been looking at different companies on amazon and on the web but not sure on which one I should buy. I am also looking to see which brand Dr. Sinclaire is taking but can’t anything on it.

    • My NMN Experiment

      Hi Eduardo, thanks for the comment.
      my next video (on the 20th) is a tutorial, using my three factors, on a real website, if it goes well I may make ‘website reviews’ a regular spot, comment on the next video with an URL or 2 and I will see if they are good for a dedicated video.

  19. Hi Vince, and thanks a lot for all the great work with these videos.
    I have a question regarding administration when you have powder and not capsules.

    How does it practically work out, how to take it / measure it, if you want to say take 1000 og 750 mg per serving?

    What is a good recommendation for downing the powder? Simply water for example?


    • My NMN Experiment

      hi Inge, I have a set of digital scales that can measure down to 500mg, I used a 1/4 teaspoon to gauge it out and now know what 500mg looks like (slightly heaped). As for administration, I pop two slightly heaped 1/4 teaspoon under my tongue and leave it to melt away in a few minutes.
      David Sinclair takes capsules with coffee.

    • @My NMN Experiment thanks a lot Mate!

    • My NMN Experiment

      @Inge Grini No problem.

  20. Any nmn effect on testosterone that’s proven scientifically?

    • My NMN Experiment

      Hi Jad, thanks for the question.
      Not in mice as far as I know and I am not sure if this is something being measured in Boston at the moment.

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