David Sinclair – What Can We Do About Aging?

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Why do we age and also what can we do about it?
David Sinclair Ph.D. Professor, Genes Department Harvard Medical School at FHTI – Future of Health Modern technology Summit created by Renata G Bushko.

David Andrew Sinclair is an Australian biologist and also Professor of Genetics best understood for his research on the biology of lifespan expansion and driving study in the direction of treating diseases of aging.

Sinclair is Co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Laboratories for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging at Harvard Medical College. Sinclair obtained a Bachelors of Science (Honours Course I) at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and also obtained the Australian Republic Prize. In 1995, he received a Ph.D. in Molecular Genes then worked as a postdoctoral scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Innovation with Leonard Guarente.
Given that 1999 he has been a tenured professor in the Genes Division of Harvard Medical College.

Sinclair has actually gotten over 25 awards including The Australian Republic Prize, A Helen Hay Whitney Fellowship, the Nathan Shock Honor, a Leukemia as well as Lymphoma Fellow, a VALUE Awards from the National Institutes of Health, the Merck Reward, the Arminese Fellowship, the Genzyme Exceptional Achievement in Biomedical Science Award, an Ellison Medical Senior Citizen Other, the Bio-Innovator honor, the Bright Stimulates Award for Top Researchers under 40, The Denham Harman Award in Biogerontology, a medal from the Australian Culture for Medical Research Study, as well as a TIME 100 honoree, TIME publication's list of the 100 "most prominent people worldwide" (2014 ).


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  1. Even the modest and entirely plausible gains Dr. Sinclair hopes for here, where people do not start to decline until their 90s and die at 100 vs. starting in their 50s and dying at 85 is remarkable.  An extra 40 years, on average, of healthy life means that 50 may be more like 40, women’s reproductive years might be a decade longer, and childrearing would no longer be the central focus of one’s healthy adult life, nor would career changes later in life be as big a deal.  Profound implications.

  2. Perhaps the key is in what do the gut flora do in caloric restriction, and what are they producing in the intestine when this happens. Perhaps what they are producing benefits the body.

  3. when you make a cure …i will be happy to have it

  4. Carroll Hoagland

    You and Dr. Ames should discuss the Triage Theory of Nutrition and how SIRtuins play a role in the immune response.I agree about fun times … and stumbling blocks like the FDA, but the AMA and NIH have also failed to protect the patient.70 Going On 100

  5. We fund Lane Labs where they are dedicated to putting the healthy drivers on the road. We operate on the theory that the Nut behind the wheel is the most important part of a rolling vehicle. Deep seeded in the Tennessee Technology Corridor where the University of Professors and the National ORNL Labs live. There’s plenty going on here.
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  6. FCC will take for ever to pass it on to people need it now

  7. It well probably go to the rich people the 1%

  8. Man up David! Fasting is a skill, and totally easy once you get the hang of it. Combine it with keto & it’s even easier!

  9. Can t stem cells be uses in reversing the aging

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