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The Plant Paradox

Just how could insulin-signlalling paths in our bodies be adjusted to make us live longer? Can centenarian studies disclose the trick of long life? Does calorie restriction decrease aging? These as well as various other inquiries are addressed by Prof. David Sinclair.


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nad+ precursor nicotinamide mononucleotide

More about NAD + Precursor Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

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  1. This channel is awesome, dont know how get so few views. Someone has other source of interviews like this channel? I’ll appreciate.

    • Vytautas Straižys

      +amino fuel it’s true… so happy that I found it..

    • David C. Alvarez-Charris

      @amino fuel, I totally agree with you. I think the Serious Science videos are among the best knowledge communication channels. I cant understand how they have som few likes and views :O

      If you found out other source of interviews similar to this, could you please inform it of it. Thanks !

    • Everyones more interested in what dress Kim Kardashian is wearing. Scientists ain’t sexy…

  2. Eclectic Monstrosity

    9:07 calorie restriction discussion

  3. sign me up!!!!!!

  4. Please cure aging <3 I want to live

    • @AW Crowe If it happens to less than 50% of the population it’s called disease. If it happens to more than 50% of the population it’s called aging.

    • @ScaleCrawling What a thing is called has no bearing on whether it can be terminated.

    • @rhwillms_gen Just because we call it aging doesn’t mean we cannot cure it. We can cure it if we can cure the causes for it.

    • @ScaleCrawling What I said stands. Aging is a complex group of multiple processes.

    • @rhwillms_gen And we might be able to cure those diseases, just like we do most other diseases. Just because they are currently killing more than 50% of the population doesn’t mean they are incurable. Just because we call it aging doesn’t mean it’s incurable. That was precisely my point. So I’m not sure we disagree. I fully agree that it’s complex and that it isn’t the name that dictates whether or not it can be cured. But I think that goes without saying.

  5. That’s why fasting helps a lot… I wonder if a Ketogenic diet, since it mimicks fasting physiology can produce the same results

    • You wrote that comment a while ago so I don’t know if you are going to read this but he talked about that question on the Joe Rogen Broadcast. The drug works better, especially in older people, but the best results happen when you combine fasting and the drug.

    • Keelin Blackburn

      @Alex aren’t you supposed to take it with food? That is the tricky part for me lately because I have only been eating every 24-48 hours. I am only 25 so it’s not a critical issue for me but I would like to know if it is bioavailable on an empty stomach. Same for Nicotinamide. Stuff is expensive so I don’t take it unless I know it will be useful. If you know this I really appreciate your time. 🙂

    • Keelin Blackburn

      A ketogenic diet will help you reach results WAY faster because you don’t have to wait 2 days for your glycogen to deplete. It also makes fasting a lot easier because you don’t get hungry anymore after about a month.

    • @Keelin Blackburn Sorry, I don’t know that. All I can tell you is that David Sinclair dissolves it in some yogurt. Apparently, it’s like “brick dust”.

  6. It’s easy in the lab to extend the lifespans of animals with lives that are normally short. The longer something lives, the more complicated it gets to extend its life significantly.

  7. I agree with Mace. A cycle of life is a sure thing. This we cannot stop. Energy must first go in for energy to be utilized. Decay happens to all organisms. Eat then run then drink then exercise then rest then live. The Mtor pathway shuts down when we do not eat and makes it hard for cells to grow but it is also necessary to allow clean up of dead cells. Balance is the circle of life, find your balance. Use days for maintenance and also use days for growth. Cut your calories on days you get no movement and add calories on days you’re active. Seek the answers and add to your knowledge and the knowledge of others. Blessings to you all.

  8. Christopher Ellis

    The Fool on the Pill ?
    Puts his trust in technology
    In the hope that he will be able to become rich.
    The Natural Man needs no pills, he simply walks up and down hills
    And takes his medicine as plain fair, to eat and drink and take the air.
    Pills for dills that cannot think, unless they session with a shrink.

  9. thomas lundytomlundy62

    Thank ypu for your videos im 64 have been taking nad nmn and resveratol close to three years the results are undeniable i feel amazing

  10. I just found your channel through my interest in IF & LCHF.
    I am Very satisfied with my positive changes on my own body mind with IF & LCHF.
    And I believe my way is more natural & simple way to longevity. But I think there are some limitations base on each individual genetic.
    But then a optimum health & lifespan is possible for everyone.
    Finally I like to say, I am thankful to your efforts & time you took to seek those experts in their own fields to explain their core research.

  11. Why no research on the effects of various fasting strategies affect on this process? The reason is big pharmaceuticals won’t make a gazillion dollars. At least you did talk about it to a degree.

  12. What is NMN

  13. Hi, can you elaborate on the increase of NAD and it’s relation to cancer!, I’ve looked extensively to no avail. Thanks

    • NAD helps mitochondrial function, and mitochondrial malfunction is the root cause of cancer. Fasting is the strongest way to permanently increase mitochondrial function however, supplements are pretty expensive and limited.

  14. APBC Technique and UK Osteopathy

    Intermittent fasting
    HIIT exercise x 3 weekly
    Good sleep
    Diet high in organic vegetables meeting 4500mg of potassium dally
    Supplementation of trace minerals
    Supplementation of digestive enzymes
    Ozone therapy rectal or blood to keep pathogens down
    Magnetic therapy to boost immune function PEMF

  15. Will I have to live to 160 with my bad back or can you fix that too?

  16. I weigh the same now at 68 as I did at 18. 6-3, 185lbs. I like fasting one meal a day or even 1 day without food. I eat smaller portions and not junk food AND I’m hardly ever famished or feel deprived or yearn for food.

  17. Im so happy to have come across David’s video’s. One thing I think we can all agree on is the fact we have become so obsessed with our own health, weight, finances etc…we are hardly living and just peacefully enjoying life. Our minds have been programmed to worry and be stressed and I think when we can shut off the mind, the body will take over and do whats its been designed to do.

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