How to Reverse Aging and Live Longer with David Sinclair PhD

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The Plant Paradox

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– What Triggers Aging as well as Why It Happens 03:00
– Exactly how to Reduce the Aging Process 08:57
– Why Do Sirtuin Genetics Advertise Longevity 11:50
– Xenohormesis and Resveratrol 13:55
– What is NAD as well as Just How It Influences Aging 18:55
– Different Sorts Of NAD Boosters 20:46
– Signs of Aging 25:00
– How Dr Sinclair Exercises 29:25
– Metformin, mTOR, and Insulin 34:00
– What’s the Ceiling for Human Life Expectancy 39:58
– What Area of Research Study Is Many Appealing 43:58

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nad+ precursor nicotinamide mononucleotide

More about NAD + Precursor Nicotinamide Mononucleotide


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  1. Timestamps:

    – What Causes Aging and Why It Happens 03:00
    – How to Slow Down the Aging Process 08:57
    – Why Do Sirtuin Genes Promote Longevity 11:50
    – Xenohormesis and Resveratrol 13:55
    – What is NAD and How It Affects Aging 18:55
    – Different Types of NAD Boosters 20:46
    – Signs of Aging 25:00
    – How Dr Sinclair Exercises 29:25
    – Metformin, mTOR, and Insulin 34:00
    – What’s the Upper Limit for Human Lifespan 39:58
    – What Area of Research Is Most Promising 43:58

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  2. Sicko! Could you slow down with the uploads until I got more time to watch them all please?

  3. 天安门大屠杀1989

    If Siim and Dr Sinclair fused together we would have the first immortal human

  4. Elmo de la Muerte

    Love this channel. Its going to explode one day

  5. Wow dude that is some high profile guest u have congratz on having him on your podcast.

  6. Woke up after watching this video 6 hours before now I need diapers and can not buy alcohol

  7. I have always preached that this is the problem with our modern medical system. It focuses on treatment (after the fact) rather than prevention. (Before it happens in the first place).

  8. In a nutshell: Eat less, control your blood sugar & take some resveratrol and NR.

    • Exercise, fast, shock the body…don’t eat too much meat or control the BCAA”s, etc.. I guess you missed a lot of what the Professor said.

    • I ve researched this for a while, you are much better off just taking resveratrol, eating less, eating less carbs, fasting, maybe skip breakfast everyday, drink water, take cold shower, reduce stress, take vitamin d, but drop NR it s expensive and as a supplement it s difficult to know if it s actually good grade NR, probably better to raise NAD naturally through fasting.

    • Troy Walt I think nmn is fab but if affects the liver. One has to eat the vegetables to help the liver. But do all the rest as well. The more healthy lifestyle interv. the better!

    • Troy Walt…
      For the same reason you take Resveratrol, to support the stacks of the three pathways to NAD, you want to support all the steps. So take a little creatine, B12, Folate or other methylation molecule like TMG, a little berberine, Mg etc.

  9. Great conversation. Thank you both

  10. The real thing is that we are al going to age of we are Lucky and defientely we al are going to die. So the Best recomendation is to enjoy every single moment

  11. Genes are a tendency not your destiny

  12. David’s theories and approach to tackling ageing seem to be quite different from Aubrey De Grey’s 7 categories of damage repair

  13. This kid really comes over well on this interview. He and David have different personalities but they are both effective in their own way of simplifying the subject matter without compromising the key pointers and science.

    Great job guys.

  14. Says older people are wise due to life experiences, but then also puts them on blast for being more Conservative.

    • They are conservative by fear to loose what they gained, whereas young people have nothing to loose, so they tend to be more revolutionary, innovative.

      The winds of changes are dangerous when you own everything

    • “If a man is not a republican at twenty, it is because he has no heart, and if he is one at forty, it is because he has no brains.”
      Victor Hugo said that about a century ago. Many other popular figures have repeated it or said similar things because it is true.
      Young people make a lot of noise and demand idealistic changes because they are naive. They have never carried the weight of the world.

  15. I can’t believe sim started fasting 8 years ago when he was 17-18…. Crazy early

  16. Can we just stop for a minute and salute the interviewer? He disclosed he’s just 25. Good grief! Very smart, on the ball, and so knowledgeable! Great interview. Thank you!

  17. Excellent interview involving information that is extremely important to knowledgeable people. Thank you both very much.

  18. Holistic HealthLife Wellness Coach Martine

    Wow, that is amazing! That you had him as a guest. He is mostly plant based and doesn’t do keto.

  19. You let the man speak, and offered intelligent dialogue. Good Interview..

  20. Wow Sinclair around here, great guy! And as ever Siim being great, congratz man!

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