6 Month Results: Update on my NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) Experiment

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The Plant Paradox

So, today I will go over my NMN 6-month results, I will certainly contrast this information with the data I tape-recorded in April with the data I taped 60 days later on.

I will certainly likewise speak about how I will certainly currently up my NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) dosage to 1 gram a day, I will likewise introduce 1 gram of Resveratrol a day, so my everyday regime matches that of Dr. David Sinclair. I will also begin to take 1 gram of TMG (Trimethylglycine) in the main to stop the loss of methyl teams through urine.


Like NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), there has actually been a lot current recently regarding Resveratrol, both as a means to reverse aging and to defeat some of the conditions that are credited to maturing such as cancer, heart problem and Alzheimer’s, especially in ladies.

When utilized as a daily supplement, it might expand our Life Span and also a lot more notably our Wellness Span.

I will also begin to take TMG; it is a powerful and also secure methyl contributor. TMG quickly donates three methyl groups to the body. Methyl teams (CH3) are called for in numerous biochemical reactions in human as well as animal bodies. Right here are just a few of the very best studied examples:
– Decreasing homocysteine.
– Helping with liver detoxification.
– Alleviating anxiety.
– Minimizing the chances of diabetes mellitus.
– Staying clear of hereditary issues.

TMG has a general parasympathetic impact. TMG seems to aid bring back equilibrium to the free nerve system, especially in those that are following a total dietary harmonizing program. This might be among its essential advantages.

– TMG benefits those with an MTHFR problem
– Anti-oxidant as well as anti-inflammatory effects.
– Profound results on the brain, food digestion and also various other body systems

I would certainly be really satisfied of any type of responses as well as suggestions on anything I have covered in this video clip.

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) & Resveratrol

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Video clip: Pexels, Oscar Charge Wang
Sound: Mrs. Zazzara by Loxbeats Creative Commons– Attribution 3.0 Unported– CC BY 3.0 Music advertised by Audio Library

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  1. I recently subscribed and caught a few of your videos. Your experiment is similar to mine. I am curious what your goals are. Mine are healthy aging, anticancer, and healthy vascular system. I am 60 years old and started nmn 8 months ago. Started feeling better. This caused me to go down the rabbit hole of supplements. I have about 20 that I take. Only a few on consecutive days. Most I only take one to two times a week.

    I try to get most of my nutrients from healthy foods. Sardines, eggs, grass-fed Meats, and veggies. Learning to eat without sugar and carbs has affected my health extremely positive.

    Since I awoke from my unhealthy coma 8 months ago I am feeling so much better. I am a member of a healthy aging Facebook group. I’m still in the learning stages myself so I’m not big on giving advice but I would mention healthy omega-3 oils and turmeric along with low carbs and sugars have had a huge impact on how well I feel.

    Good luck on your journey and I enjoy your videos.

    • @My NMN Experiment Hi Dennis, I’m in much the same boat. Many supplements for brain health and overall anti-aging. Would you mind me asking what is is that you take? Thanks!

    • Dennis Ivey, may I ask what is the name.of the face book group?
      I’m 69 and started NAD about 18 months ago. Like you I also stopped sugar and carbs at the same time. I switched from NAD to NMN a month ago. My overall health, energy, and stamina is dramatically improved. One indicator is my blood sugar went from 99 (just one point below pre diabetes) to 88. I haven’t seen any noticeable changes with the switch to NMN.

    • @Donna Ryan Anti-aging Therapies: DHEA, ……..

    • @Jason Stanley Anti-aging Therapies: DHEA, …..

    • @Jason Stanley most folks notice an improvement with higher doses of nmn around 500 mg or above. Also taking high levels of nmn will deplete your methyl groups. Do you take TMG to replace them or methylfolate? I can’t remember the full name of the group but Google Facebook with the partial name. Good luck with your health.

  2. A great update, thanks as ever for taking the time to do so we all really appreciate it.

    Without tests measuring your DNA methylation such as the Horvath markers, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the ones you’ve tried out to date. If the Information Theory of Aging is correct then it’s this epigenetic clock that is the primary aging markers to measure above all.

    I’ve noted precisely that same sleep disruption when I upped my NMN dosage. I’ve been steady on 750mg NMN and 300mg NR for over 4mths, but yesterday my wife forgot to take her 250mg NMM (water/powder) before going out so I downed that as well. I got the same substantial energy hit as from previously increasing the dosage.

    Anecdotally it seems the body needs time to adjust to higher levels of NAD+ then stabilises or adjusts.

    Ben is correct (comment below). Absorption of Resveratrol is far improved via fat so mixing into full fat yoghurt is the way to go as this also supports the gut microbiome.

    Also bioperine helps absorption of Resveratrol – that is similar to Turmeric/Curcumin absorption (almost all supplements add it therefore).

    As such I take my Turmeric with Bioperine at the same time as Resveratrol mixed into yoghurt.

    One tip for persistent loosened bowels. I thought it was Berberine causing it for me and it improved a bit moving off it. What actually was causing it was crap, impure Resveratrol.

    I was using 1450 trans-Resveratrol which had other stuff in it like green tea. Once I switched to pure 99% Resveratrol my persistent diarrhea went away.

    Incidentally I have added in 18/6 and even 20/4 intermittent fasting to my routine and take 1g Metformin on non workout/recovery days, Berberine otherwise. I’m interested in controlling glucose levels and stressing the body through hunger and entering ketosis as additional afterburners to use NAD+ outside of just Resveratrol.

    I can only say that I feel fantastic, like you no more noise when sitting down or getting up, more energy and muscle mass. The IF routine is helping me lose a lot of weight too.

    It’s clear NAD precursors play one part in all this. Stressors like exercise and a healthy diet low in sugar is also another vital component.

    • Miguel Cordero García de Soria

      @barış aksoy Pal, no offense, but could you use some punctuation marks and read what you’re writting? It’s very hard to understand you: “I mean position when walking more younger he become faster 20 days ago started” what is that supposed to mean?? You write like the Yoda.

    • @Miguel Cordero García de Soria Iam sorry for my english.I mean I give supplement 2 times one beginning of the 2019 January just 3 weeks maximum than this jULY I give him 2 months.Ilive in Turkey İstanbul I have general knowledge about NAD science.Second time I give after end of the 2-or 3 months I noticed difference on his body more straight walking faster I also think there is some cardio vascular effect on him just I gusse beside that 2 weeks ago I noticed somethink we went to Telecommunucation Center to change our İnternet System OUR İNTERNET Connection He must signed some singture he didnt hesitated a second and signed perfectly he couldnt do that before also he learns deeeply television command before he ws asking remoot comand tvthan he forget than this time he started to learn when he was liike younger

      But I will say something for everybody ıf you want to take optimum results you have to find a way to reverse Cd-38 increase you have to regulate CD-36 AND cD38 GENES ı AM VERY SURE ABOUT THAT I CAN BRİEFLY EXPLAİN THAT LATER IF YOU WANT İT İS SİMPLE YET İNCREDİBLE COMPLEX PROCESSES…..

    • Angeles Blasco Brines

      @barış aksoy please explain cd38 gene etc. Thanks

    • @Angeles Blasco Brines it is important gene during aging it is disregulated in prostate pancreas cells cd 38 decline however in other cells it increase significantly zinc disregulation may have a role this process you have to manage this than take nmn. After regulation at least to some extend nmn will go other tissues and also will stay in system blood prolonged time izm not scientist just fallo w scientific research i have to add this

    • @Sherry Von IF is intermitant fasting (IF 18/6 would be not eating for 18 hours a day, and only eating during the other 6 hours).

  3. Thanks for the update

    • My NMN Experiment

      Hi Brian, you’re very welcome, I hope you are well.

    • @My NMN Experiment things are great still on my protocol. I just did the 23 and me DNA test it’s been alot of fun and now I am sending it off to Rhonda Patrick to analyze, excited to get it back.

  4. I’d consider it quite possible that your faster healing from your tennis elbow was due to the nmn. The damaged tendon would likely benefit from the increased blood flow nmn fosters.

  5. Thanks for sharing mate ?? finding your results very similar to my own over the same time frames. Keep the posts comin

  6. Hi, you have awesome information again and we are really enjoying to hear that results and you look younger ???

  7. Great video, please keep posting ! Could you please share which brand of NMN you use and the price ?

  8. Thanks for sharing your journey and creating this platform! Much appreciated

  9. Need graphics on screen, and to quickly show the differences in numbers. Listing numbers to people is very difficult for the viewer. This info could be compressed into 4-5 minutes through editing.

  10. I don’t want to dampen the good vibe going on in the community but this evening while doing some research I ran across this piece in the ScientificAmerican about a small study suggesting a potential increase in developing cancer through NAD+ supplementation. The article is fairly recent 30MAY19. It has me contemplating whether or not to discontinue my 500g daily NMN regimen. Any thoughts?


    • Thank you.

    • I did not look at your link but my understanding is that Rodent studies have shown that nmn probably will not initiate cancer cell growth but may promote cancer cell growth that is already present. I would not take nad boosters If I had cancer or precancer. .

    • @Denis Ivey But you wouldn’t know if you had precancer.

    • two steps from the hell


    • Cheese doodle it may be similar to recent findings with IGF-1. It seems increased IGF-1 may not be a problem if you don’t have cancer but it could be an accelerant if you do. Also I never see anything on diet. Diet seems to be the radioactive issue nobody wants to touch. Because there are NMN concentration in food. Mainly edamame, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, avocado. The cruciferous has up to a mg per 100 mg. I eat a couple hundred grams of this stuff easy a day. I guess it could drive cancer.

  11. Great progress. Please continue updating and generally informing.

  12. A new interview with David on Rhonda Patrick’s YouTube claims you have to refrigerate NMN so it doesn’t break down into Nicotinamide which he now claims inhibits NAD levels.

    • Show Me What I Need To Know

      @Fabio Santoro Is a person supposed to take TMG or B12 as a methyl donator to the NMN / NAD process?

    • “Nicotinamide which he now claims inhibits NAD levels.” say what now?

    • I’ve noticed dr. Sinclair usually speaks from his personal experience. I remember him saying he has kilos of nmn and Resveratrol in the basement. Maybe a lifetime supply or at least years worth. It may be more important to him to refrigerate or freeze than it is to myself who buys monthly. Also my niagen is not nicotinamide riboside but nicotinamide riboside chloride. The chloride is there to help stabilize. Dr. Sinclair does not distinguish which he is speaking about. He has stated the supplement industry has attacked him and sued him many times.. So I don’t see him speaking favorably about any of their supplements.

    • Here we go again! Are we doing sublingual or not?

    • Can you provide this latest link that talks about the refrigeration?

  13. Well done mate??

  14. @My NMN Experiment: Have you taken a blood test to see if NMN had any impact to your DNA bio-markers (Horvath clock)? Thanks.

    • No, but I am really trying, it appears that the only place you can get it done is in the USA, I can’t even send a blood sample from overseas.

  15. thanks for sharing! this is much more useful than general statements like “i feel like having more energy” etc..

  16. Thank you for your public contribution.
    You have mentioned sublingual route: which substance you take sublingualyl?

  17. Gives me good energy and increased sex drive.

  18. Best place to buy NMN in EU? I mean cheapest for best quality. ?

  19. have you recorded your skin elasticity change after taking NMN?

  20. Have you heard about the Zhang study reported in scientificAmerican in May 2019 which shows an increase in cancer in mice predisposed to cancer of the pancreas?

    Certain cancers are fuelled by NAD+ so increasing this via Nmn may not be wise until more human clinical trials can prove it’s safe. David Sinclair mice were not predisposed to cancer. I would be especially cautious in taking NMN if I had cancer or a family history of cancer.

    • Hi Humbird,
      Yes I have read that report, I agree you should not take NMN if you have cancer. People with cancerous tumors were not allowed to take part on the safety trail in Japan; not sure about the Boston study.
      David Sinclair also mentions this in one of this YouTube interviews. I’m not sure that NMN will give you cancer, but in mice, it can accelerate the growth of an existing cancer.

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