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  1. Who else changed their poor posture while watching the video?

  2. Calisthenicmovement

    Hey Guys we hope you like our video. Sometimes it’s not easy to keep an overview in the editing process. We made a little mistake at 01:00 Min . It’s actually the oppside: “Weak Neck Flexors and Tight Neck Extensors”.

    • Calisthenicmovement how long do we have to do this for each day???

    • Will the pull up fix these probems ? look at this video and compare with myself in the mirror 🙁 so sad

    • Ohhh so that’s why LoL

    • At 3:48, is your weight being supported by your quads, chest, and forehead? Or only the legs and chest. I can’t figure this part out when I do the exercise. Thanks.

    • proper neck position. There are several components to neck is not straight. One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the Neck Mender Blueprint (check it out on google) without a doubt the most helpful plan that I have ever heard of. Check out the unbelievable information.

  3. My mom always laughs and scolds me whenever I walk through the streets.. So annoying!

  4. 1:46 , 3:12 5:11

  5. MidnightSparroww


    1:41 Reverse Plank Bridge

    3:12 Arch Up + Horizontal Abductions

    5:06 Rows

  6. s. amy exercise professional

    This man has true muscles , true flexibility and the best posture.

  7. For the first 25 seconds I thought he was an animated character.

  8. What is chiellini doing here? Go play football. ??

  9. Who else does not have good posture while using mobile?

  10. This video helped me beyond words. I was suffering from Chronic back pain especially the muscles surrounding the spine and scapular region. I had to constantly get chiropractic adjustments and needed a phsio. I tried Yoga, although it gave relief but the pain returned, not even weight training could relieve it. I started doing reverse planks and the other exercises in this video and my pain went away in two days. I am finally training my weak muscles in the back and is changing my life. I am so Grateful that you! made this video. Thank you so much, Alex.

  11. School has destroyed my posture :/

  12. To be honest Swimming for me is the easiest Way , I have fixed my back with relative ease, I started swimming and I naturally started fixing my back

  13. Jarett Schneider

    I was like yes, improve my posture lets go! First exercise I tried it and almost killed myself

  14. Paramut Jeasakul

    Hey man I want tell you that there are people out there using this video and YOU without your permission. They are using your video to sell their back posture product.
    Please like so he can see.

  15. no joke the muscles in my back ger tired when i try to keep my back “straight” (good posture, not a perfect straight line)

    • AmNeenja Don’t let that discourage you! 5-10 min of core exercises every other day will dramatically improve your posture/ back health. You’ll start to notice difference in as little as two weeks. After a decade of chronic back pain, I can’t believe I didn’t start doing exercises like this sooner. It helps way more than just stretching. Really, truly, I’m talking about 5-10 min every other day. Honestly, even if you did as little as 3 min, you’d notice the difference in a few weeks. Just look up core exercises for your back.

    • Same. We need to strengthen our back shoulder and neck muscles then the pain will stop and better posture

    • AmNeenja yes everyone tells me to just keep my back straight but I get really tired trying to keep it straight 😐

  16. I really need to improve my posture everyone in my family calls me The Hunchback In Notre Dame and it really hurts my feelings.


    1:46 3:12 5:11
    (this is for me ignore please)

  18. at 3:57 – “SUP?! COME AT ME BRO!!” vs the floor

  19. Gaming has destroyed my posture ? lets start with these exercises ?

  20. 3 exercise routine:
    1:46 – Reverse Plank Bridge
    3:12 – Arch Up
    5:11 – Rows

    And get this afterwards

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