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The Plant Paradox

The FALLEN LEAVE webinar series continues, this time with Dr. David Sinclair!

In this greatly participated in webinar, Dr. Sinclair went over and read passages from his brand-new book, Lifespan – Why We Age and also Why We Do not Need to, as well as he answered audience inquiries about NAD+ and related subjects.

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NAD+ Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

More about Nicotinamide Mononucleotide NAD


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    • I’ve been listening to gerontologists and reading articles about this godsend of knowledge but I haven’t yet learned or maybe dont remember if skin can be restored to it’s youthful form when it had the most collagen, elasticity, and least damage. Anybody have any info on this? All I can get info on this is of course solicitations for creams and things to eat to reduce the appearance not wether if it can be restored to how it use to be.

      I think as soon as gerintologists restore skin to its strongest form then everybody will hop on board to this. Unfortunately since everybody is likely to detest living on planet earth, extending it in our internally healthiest ways possible, they still wont value that until they start having excruciating pain or diseases. The elderly/geriatric patients are the vast minority compared to everybody else whom could be assisting gerontology

  2. Received my copy yesterday (i live in the Netherlands). Excited to start reading it and implement some of the strategies into my daily life….

  3. I’ve seen several of David’s presentations, I discovered him on Joe Rogan’s channel. David is such a humble and loving person and he’s a giant in his field. He could easily be ego driven (like so many brilliant scientist) so maybe he himself is already a highly evolved human ? As a “patient” or client, it means the world to me to be able to trust and follow someone who’s work comes from the heart. I live in Brazil and am on amazon right now buying the book. This was is very exciting to me and I can’t wait to learn more.

  4. Brilliant David. I’m reading your book right now. Thank you for all your good work.

  5. 27:50 Now why on Earth would you incorporate a bunch of mythological, non existing persons in a book like this?

    Such a turn-off for the rationally minded.

    • In science, everything is non existent until its existence is proven.

      Science does not make assumptions. It makes observations.

    • I would have deconstructed that statement, were it not for the fact that you felt the need to insult me.

  6. Joey Koningsbruggen

    This is so cool. I love the book.

  7. Hearing David Sinclair read from his book opened a window to the passionate person he is, equal to the superlative scientist he has shown himself to be via all the YouTube Media I have seen.

    I appreciate a new light being shined upon this truly genius, bold, and relentless man.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Quite inspirational. Bittersweet since it will be a fart in the wind amongst the 99%. I’m trying to get him to return my fan mail because I’d love to help expedite all this by offering more unrelated, yet just as important, therapy suggestions his lab can help create to get the word out so that maybe David can possibly see some of his vision come true.?

    • @Cur TseedI am making the assumption Mr. Sinclair gets an outrageous amount of mail in general. There is way you can get through to him, it just has not happened yet.

    • I just sent my messages to his lab colleagues and asked them to deliver them to him. We’ll see. Maybe the timing is wrong since his time being sent on writing, publishing, & touring his book. Could be just another huckster preying on the emotions of an untapped market too.

      Ageing is not a disease….ageing is a disability. Would they get more buzz and empathy from more followers if they stopped calling it a disease and called it a disability? I think the elderly would be offended & in denial even though technically we get weaker every decade. Might get more funding for disability research. What do you think.

    • @Cur Tseed so we are all headed towards disability? That is a big pill to swallow.

      I truly hope you hear back from the lab.

    • They’ve been saying it’s a disease for how long? Still not much progress. If we called it a disability, most folks can see that more as possible as opposed to having something they’ve been proud of not having yet or actually surviving, like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes. Breast cancer month is here. When we get the same media coverage for ageing, might have to try a different approach.

      Yeah, I dont expect to hear from him but we’ll see. As far as ageing being a disability, makes me think of opportunities for seniors aren’t available for them while they aren’t strong enough to keep up with the juniors like let’s say construction. What if a senior loves beaches? Can’t be depended upon as a lifeguard, or a cop, military age limits,,,kind of a little discriminatory wouldn’t ya say? As soon as a middle age applicant shows up to an interview, the interviewer can see ageing but say someone twenty years younger applies, that interviewer will not try to determine if that applicant has a disease or susceptible to any. Diseases are liabilities, & some women might wait until they’re not showing anymore to apply. Young men and women are more liable to have kids yet employers will likely hire them moreso than middled age/older due to their health risks. IMO. I think we can all relate to being/feeling not as comfortable in our skin as much as we use to. As strong as we once were. You’re telling me that cant affect someone mentally? Enough so they feel threatened by their competition and judged for their wrinkles. At least let’s rejuvenate us another ten more years and then we can be happy with the extra time to be stronger longer and then we can worry more about our health span well onto our golden years. Our youth must be our diamond years I guess.

  8. Trying to find new videos with Sinclair 5 years now on any meaningfull progress and suddenly youtube is full of those because he is selling a book.

  9. David loving that all these videos are here now on you tube I went from watching rogan over and over or the odd video but with your book tour its everywhere now. I have ordered the book cant wait for it to arrive so stoked…..thanks for the work you do. your newsletters have been great btw…. ignore the haters and keep doing what your doing because it will make a huge difference… thanks again

  10. hope he finds the cure soon

  11. There are several websites, newsletters and papers mentioned in the video. Would it be possible to post links to those items mentioned?

  12. Awesome interview. I think I would do FMD (fasting mimicking diet) for the 5 days without nmn or resveratrol during the FMD. I have done FMD in 2019 and will try the protocol just noted in 2020. Thanks

  13. Agence de rencontre CQMI

    Is there an error with the plant used for Metformin, it is written French Hellebore but it should be galéga officinal (Galega officinalis)

  14. Awesome Dr. David, thank you for your wonderful work in this aging and deseases world . I Am dying to read your book, can’t wait to get back to Canada.

  15. Je suis vraiment impatient de lire le livre 🙂

  16. my big question is if you take 1000mg of nmn how long does the effect
    last? i mean how many cells will have their sirtuins affected at this
    dose and how long does the switching on and off last? seconds, days,
    weeks, months? etc do you maybe only need to take 1000mg of nmn a week? a
    month, what is the advantage of taking it daily?

  17. my big question is if you take 1000mg of nmn how long does the effect
    last? i mean how many cells will have their sirtuins affected at this
    dose and how long does the switching on and off last? seconds, days,
    weeks, months? etc do you maybe only need to take 1000mg of nmn a week? a
    month, what is the advantage of taking it daily?

  18. You can find a great source of NMN at youthandearth.com

  19. Makayla Hollywood

    I was going to download the audio, but now i want the hard cover. Perhaps, i’l do both.

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