Can You Age Backwards? Dr. David Sinclair Explains Epigenetic Reprogramming & Life Extension · #135

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The Plant Paradox

Is there no restriction to human durability?

The current, most advanced study in aging paints an interesting image for our future.

Much of this job comes from the mind of Dr. David Sinclair, a Teacher in the Division of Genes at Harvard Medical School & the writer of New York Times Bestseller “Life-span: Why We Age – And Why We Do not Have To”.

Dr. Sinclair’s leading theory for why we age and also just how we can adjust our body clock is called the “Details Theory of Aging”. Basically, he thinks each cell has an initial DNA copy that can be activated as well as recovered to a younger state.

One’s sequential age may be an undisputed half a century old, yet through Dr. Sinclair’s concept could that individual reverse their organic age and match the health and wellness markers of someone who is 25 years old?

He joins the H.V.M.N. Podcast to increase on the organic mechanisms behind his theory, the discoveries from his study, as well as what we can potentially do today to prolong our lifespan.

Topics Reviewed:
· Epigenetic reprogramming
· What the “Observer” might be as well as alternate descriptions for its device
· Hormesis
· Horvath’s clock
· Metabolic and also cellular paths for durability
· Prospective interventions for longevity: Nourishment, cool direct exposure, metformin, resveratrol, NAD+, ketones

Dr. David Sinclair’s book:

Book Lifespan By David Sinclair

nad+ precursor nicotinamide mononucleotide

More about NAD + Precursor Nicotinamide Mononucleotide



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  1. Great interview, you are way more knowledgeable than most other youtuber that interview him.

  2. So interesting..I need more coffee to get thus to sink I’ll check it out in an

  3. The discussion of “observer” cells, or the back up copy is so interesting. It reminds me of the old days when a master copy was kept on a reel to reel, and cards were used to read the program in various places, or to change lines of the program. Sometimes you’d screw up the whole thing and have to pull out the master copy on the reel and re-read to a new deck of data cards (ok, so I’m showing my age). Keep at it Doc- please!!

  4. Excellent interview! You just earned a new subscriber!

  5. Thank you and thanks to Dr. David Sinclair for this amazing interview.
    I share with you the frustration that the time in our lives when we finally get to understand ourselves and our world is right when we had aged to the point where our dead is close. I find that reality illogical.
    If we could expand our lives when we had gained the wisdom of age, we could have a very profitable-satisfying life.
    Thank you again to both of you.

    • It’s like realizing we all had opportunities to select a career or a purpose that our older selves would have been satisfied with other than being immature and pressured into doing something we must be committed to for the rest of our lives before retirement. Kind of barbaric how we dont get more involved with helping our youth figure out what their needs are going to be other than settling for so little and make them wait to learn what they probably should have learned years before. Do you have memories of Calculus or Algebra and are you relieved on how that mumbo jumbo never increased your quality of life or anybody else’s lives for the better? Social studies huh?

  6. Excellent interview! Excited for a part 2!

  7. David Sinclair is not only a biology rockstar, but has the ability to communicate effectively with extreme patience. Great interview.

    • Kevin Green an Aussie legend

    • Not arrogant either, like some scientist rockstars can be. I don’t know how he manages to be so calm, if I was in his field I would be manic all the time.

    • David Sinclair is a legend, and has definitely changed this world with his new book “Lifespan”. I have recommended this book to one of my best friend and college biology professor Peter Hippensteel from Tri-State University (Trine University). I also strongly recommended this book to my family doctor, sister, and others. Very well written book. I will be getting the audio version soon.

  8. Sathish Neelakandan

    “life is short, and it is a problem”. Lol.

  9. Immortality for all.

  10. Where do we sign up? I will be the human guinea pig. I don’t give a #uck.

  11. This is a truly superb interview!

  12. In poland we recently had a bit of scandal meaning in germany which is our neighbour they found that in metformin drugs there were rat poison contamination. Idk where metformin in US or Australia is manufactured but it is possible that like ours its in china. So maybe it is a good idea to check yours. Im not an expert or anything I dont take metformin but i say what i heard and im jus sayin.

  13. Thank you for talking to the public, and telling everyone what you learn. It allows people to take what you learn, and to develop it more. Speeding up the process.

  14. Did he measure Klotho in these ageing mice ? I dont see any commentators here have yet mentioned this. Klotho plays a big part in ageing.

  15. Stuart Branson - Theme Composer

    “Health via Modern Nutrition” – surely an oxymoron

  16. I just like this guy so much , so humble, just falling in love with him

  17. Humanity can easily fix taxes: eliminate them

  18. This interview was magnifique…..thanks Doc and thanks also to the great narator……merci

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