Live A Longer Life and Reverse Aging | David Sinclair and Lewis Howes

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The Plant Paradox

Live A Longer Life and Reverse AgingThank you for seeing this effective meeting with Dr. David Sinclair!
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David Sinclair is a professor in the Department of Genetics as well as co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Facility for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical College. He is an inventor on 35 licenses and also has obtained more than 35 awards and honors. In 2014, he got on Time Publication’s listing of the “100 The Majority Of Influential Individuals worldwide,” as well as listed as Time’s Leading 50 in health care in 2018.

In this conversation, we discussed all of my leading questions on why we age, how much of it is reversible, and all of the ways I have actually heard to raise your durability and also health.

David is a wide range of knowledge on all these topics, and also he also shared some of the hardest times of his life, consisting of seeing his mother die of lung cancer and also why that influenced his job a lot.

If you are dedicated to enhancing your health and wellness and living a lengthy as well as healthy life, this conversation is a must-listen in Episode 904.

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Lewis Howes is a NY Times Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and also former expert Arena Organization football gamer. He hosts The College of Achievement, a talk show dispersed as a podcast. Learn and hear the tales of various effective individuals around the world, become motivated, encouraged and educated with the SCHOOL OF ACHIEVEMENT.

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  1. sinclair is amazing

  2. Some of the tips:

    • Don’t smoke ?
    • Eat less- more plant ? based food
    • Exercise ??‍♀️
    • Sufficient sleep ?
    • Surround by community who cares about you ?

    Thank you Doc.

    And friends, welcome to share other tips you learned from the interview here too so others get a quick overview ❤️

    • @Jhonny Baloba yes i agree i love meat to beef pork chicken and so on

    • Dr Sinclair stipulated HIIT exercise! And he stipulated “organic” (fruits, veges… and presumably also seeds ‘n nuts). He also stressed “not too much protein” and… “if you eat meat, it should be grass-fed”. AND – we need a small amount of fish every week. AND – we need the mono unsaturated fats (e.g., Olive Oil and avocados). AND… the traditional Okinawan diet and lifestyle are ideal.

    • Randi Lin, your summary is scanty.

    • @Colleen I don’t care about what doctors say. I eat whatever I want

    • @Jhonny Baloba – That’s everyone’s choice. However, Randi Lin stipulated an eating “tip” from Dr Sinclair and it omitted far too much detail to be reported here as one of Sinclair’s recommendations.

  3. Bad interview skills by Lewis Howes – don’t repeat what he just said. Expanding on it or building on it is okay.

  4. Standard American diet supported by big food companies made everyone obese and all its diseases. Big pharma creates drugs to treat SYMPTOMS ONLY thereby creating a steady profit. Low carbs diet, fast for 14 hrs a day min, move around…changed my own life! 52 feeling like 19.

  5. Fascinating interview. I could sense Dr. Sinclair’s pain when his research wasn’t published. It is an upstream battle against the opposing forces. Thank you Dr. Sinclair for your continued research and tenacity towards what you believe.

    • Ziad Jeeroburkhan

      @Colleen I’m only asking for sources to back it up

    • @Colleen It is the SENS approach to ending aging which is accumulated damage caused mostly by senescent cells and mitochondria. All these therapies as they emerge from safety trials will not be marketed as ending aging as the FDA do not see aging as a disease even though most of the scientific community do.

    • @Ziad Jeeroburkhan – God help us all.

    • Ziad Jeeroburkhan

      @Colleen Someone did a good job at exposing it on vice-verses dot com btw

  6. I’m sure it was uncomfortable for David to discuss details of his mother’s passing. I just want to say thank you to him for opening up to the viewers. Humans are in denial about death and how unpleasant it can be. It is not discussed openly enough. Yet death is a natural part of life.

    • Death especially of the young is essential for the evolutionary process. Humans can continue to evolve without death.

    • Yeah, it’s really disillusioning & depressing when you lose a parent. I thought the interviewer was a bit annoying, but I think I learned more about David’s background in this interview than others & he seems like a really good person doing really important work. I like the wisdom he shared at the end, too.

    • I thought Dr Sinclair was pressing the point that ‘agonising death’ is not natural.

    • I thought Dr Sinclair

  7. Sathish Neelakandan

    “If it’s not shocking, it’s not worth studying” – David Sinclair.

  8. It’s amazing how professionally the interviewer gets in the way of the interviewee not to allow him to answer the questions posed. It is like a sad show of people quarreling rahter than an educated noble conversation. I feel I lost a lot valuable information from the talk due to the host’s constant butting into it.

  9. 1:07:45 Sinclair” Nobody knows the true answer” This is a real honest scientist speaking. Please don`t turn into a pathetic smug healthy lifestyle celebrity, Dr Sinclair. Stay a scientist!

  10. Seekingthemiddle Way

    Once you get onto one-meal-a-day, hearing people saying they’re starving already when their last meal was only 4 hours ago is super weird.

  11. Lewis likes his own voice. Why is he having an interview with himself while he has a guest?

  12. too many unproductive interruptions by the host

  13. This podcast host seems so unintelligent

    • Austin Kunch I guess the host is using some lie detecting skills to test this Dr. Sinclair, for example, the mother die story, asked him a lot of details to see if he lied.
      Maybe the host is actually not belive what this so called expert. Since he is pushing people yo buy metformin and other pills, maybe it is about money.

  14. If there’s any thing I hate….. is when the expert is being cut off when they’re saying something interesting

  15. Lewis please don’t interrupt the guests and talk so much! You can always make a video on your life story if you want to. Thanks for the upload.

  16. I noticed that he didn’t mention the role stress play’s in the ageing process. it’s no good fasting and eating a healthy diet if your stressed out!
    Chronic high cortisol levels can have a detrimental effect on your health by weakening your immunity and opening you up to a whole host of diseases. It’s so important to have peace of mind. Daily meditation is one way I keep stress under control.

  17. Sinclair: “the secret of life is…”

    Lewis: “AH! that reminds me of a story about car tires!”

  18. I’ve become obsessed with watching Dr. David Sinclair. My husband joined me today for this one. I find him brilliant, honest and humble. Even my hubby wants to watch more of the same. I’m a survivor of breast cancer and have been on a quest for better health and longevity.

  19. why is the interviewer talking so much? pretty annoying!

  20. I feel so bad about his mom. you can see the pain when he talks about it. he is such a kind person.

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